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Liberal Gun Bans

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal Party promised the biggest series of gun confiscations in Canadian history in the October 2019 election, which they won.

The plans threaten hundreds of thousands of safe and responsible men and women with jail unless they surrender their firearms.

Trudeau is targeting federally licensed adults who use guns for protection, hunting, plinking, competing, collecting and other lawful, legitimate uses. His plan will also seize guns from stores.

“We’re taking the strongest step in Canadian history to move forward on tougher gun legislation,” Trudeau said Oct. 1 during the campaign.

Confiscation Plan


Rifle Owners

  • Forced surrender of about 250,000 hunting and sporting rifles
    • Mainly “Non-restricted”
    • 75,000 “Restricted” AR-15 target rifles
    • CZ 858 and Ruger Mini-14 probable
    • Could include all “Prohibited” models
  • Two years to comply after the confiscation order
  • Government will offer to pay for confiscated rifles
  • Other options, not mentioned in the policy: leave the country with your guns or sell them abroad. These would require specific Authorizations To Transport and authorizations to export that may or may not be granted.


Handgun Owners

  • Allow municipalities to expel handgun owners and stores through new prohibitions and restrictions. (“Handgun ban,” criminalize home handgun possession)


All PAL Holders

  • New restrictions on home gun possession.


Source: Liberal campaign plan, statements by Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair

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