Canadians Bought 90,000 Handguns Since Trudeau Said He’s Killing the Market, RCMP Says — Canada’s government-licensed firearm users bought almost 90,000 handguns in the seven weeks after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he’s killing the legal market, a shopping spree that wiped out supply and set records. We estimate the total now exceeds 100,000.


Canada Handgun Imports Jump to Record in June After Trudeau Says He’ll Kill Legal Market — Canadian handgun imports jumped to a record in June, as gun users raced to stock up before Trudeau kills the legal market for pistols and revolvers. The Trudeau administration said today it will criminalize government-licensed importers starting in two weeks

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Canadians Bought 30,000 AR-15 Target Rifles in Lead-Up to Trudeau’s May 2020 Attacks — Canadians bought roughly 30,000 AR-15 target rifles in the lead-up to PM Trudeau’s political attacks of 01 May 2020. The data, shared here for the first time, show the magnitude of the shopping spree to counter the crackdown.