Canada’s Police Guns 2018: Blue Line Magazine Survey

Canada police guns firearms Glock survey

Blue Line survey shows Glock now dominates the market for Canadian police handguns. Source: — Glock GmbH dominates the market for Canadian police handguns and is attracting agencies faster than any other company, a survey by Blue Line magazine showed. Colt Canada Corp. supplies police with the most AR-15 rifles, and the most-popular police shotgun is the Remington 870.

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More Than 90,000 Canadians Are Allowed to Carry Guns Every Day

Canadians Who Carry Guns Every Day

(Update 06 May 2018: Updated chart and notes. 20 May 2017: Added new info under Additions.)

More than 90,000 Canadians are authorized to carry loaded guns on their person in daily life, mainly for self-defence against human attackers. More than 90 percent are civilian police and law enforcement, or military. If they were all on duty at the same time, it would be equivalent to about 3 people carrying guns for every 1,000 adults.

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Top Guns of YouTube: Demolition Ranch Surges, FPS Russia Stops

Top YouTube Gun Channels by Number of Videos

Demolition Ranch is the new king of YouTube gun channels as it attracts subscribers faster than anyone else in the top 20. In just the past six months, it has overtaken FullMag and hickok45.

FPS Russia still leads by total subscribers, but hasn’t published a video since April 2016. It ranks last for subscriber growth. Range Time TS has also stopped.

The charts below rank the top 20 channels on different criteria. You can also see rankings at December 2015 and June 2016. got the idea for these rankings from Demolition Ranch’s Top YouTube Gun Channels…….ROAST video of the top 15 channels in July 2014.

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