Two Canadians Have ‘Authorization To Carry’ Guns, Filing Shows

8 Nov 2018 — Two people in Canada have an Authorization To Carry loaded handguns for personal protection, also known as a “concealed-carry permit,” according to a letter from the federal police that was shared today on Reddit. The Authorization To Carry, or ATC, requires permission from the Canadian Firearms Program of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.…

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Handgun, Semi-Auto Ban Could Wipe Out $2 Billion From Gun Owners

21 Sep 2018 — The Canadian government’s possible ban on handguns and semi-automatic long guns such as SKS, AR-15 and FN-FAL rifles could wipe out more than $2 billion of guns and gear in private hands, based on estimates by

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More Than a Third of Toronto Police ‘Crime Guns’ Aren’t Firearms

15 Sep 2018

(Update Sept. 16, 13:50 Toronto time: Adds screenshots of police data obtained by Dennis Young.) — More than a third of the so-called “crime guns” seized by Toronto police last year weren’t firearms, and many were never used in a crime, according to an analysis of police data obtained by Dennis Young, fuelling new…

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‘Restricted’ Firearm Ownership Rose to Record in June

22 Aug 2018 — The number of so-called “Restricted” handguns and rifles owned by Canadian individuals rose to a record in June after more than five years of uninterrupted monthly increases, as federally licensed gun owners bought semi-automatic pistols and rifles for plinking, recreation and competition.

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Toronto ‘Crime Guns’ Traced to Canada Fell to New Low in 2017

19 Aug 2018 — Toronto police data show the percentage of so-called “crime guns” traced to Canada fell for a second straight year in 2017 to the lowest level in at least four years, contrasting with claims that outlaws are getting more of their firearms from domestic sources.

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Gun Licences Rise to Record in June After 21 Quarterly Increases

15 Aug 2018 — The number of Canadian men and women with a gun licence rose to a record at the end of June after 21 consecutive quarterly increases. People are applying for the permits to go plinking or hunting with family and friends and to compete in shooting sports across the country and the world.

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February Gun Imports Decline to Lowest in Six Years

5 Apr 2018 — Canadian gun imports, an indirect measure of the strength of the firearm industry, fell to the lowest February in six years, with rifles, shotguns and handguns all down. It was only the second time in the past six months that shipments exceeded $10 million, as companies prepare for another year of turbulence.

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Gun Imports 2017: Overview of the Firearm Industry in Charts

29 Mar 2018 — Canada imports almost all the guns and ammunition sold in the country, making import data a key indicator of the industry. Companies keep their accounts private, so the figures published by Statistics Canada are one of the only windows into the market.

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Gun Licences Rose in 2017 at Slowest Pace in at Least Five Years

27 Mar 2018 — Canadians got new gun licences in 2017 at the slowest pace in at least five years. The rate of increase in buying handguns, AR-15 rifles and other so-called “Restricted” firearms also weakened.

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Oops: Liberals Show Gang Crime Surging Since They Took Power

7 Mar 2018 — Gang murder is heavy, so this is light: Canada’s Liberal-led government shared a series of charts today showing that gang killings and “gun homicides” have surged since the party took office at the end of 2015. That wasn’t their intent.

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Gun Imports Jumped in Jan-Nov 2017 After Two Years of Decline

19 Jan 2018 — Canadian gun imports jumped last year through November after two years of decline. The data were released this month and are the last economic indicators before next week’s annual SHOT Show, where many companies place their biggest purchase orders of the year.

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Top Guns of YouTube: Rankings by Subscribers, Views and Growth

1 Jan 2018 — Following is the third annual ranking of YouTube’s top gun channels by subscribers, growth, views and more.

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CBSA Internal Report Shows Border Agents Seize 569 Guns Per Year

21 Dec 2017 — The Canada Border Services Agency has seized an average of 569 guns a year since 2011 and confiscations are rising, according to internal reports obtained by Dennis Young, the advocate for shooters’ rights.

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Canada’s Police Guns 2018: Blue Line Magazine Survey

17 Dec 2017 — Glock GmbH dominates the market for Canadian police handguns and is attracting agencies faster than any other company, a survey by Blue Line magazine showed. Colt Canada Corp. supplies police with the most AR-15 rifles, and the most-popular police shotgun is the Remington 870.

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Polytechnique Is Unrelated to Gun Control in Google Search

12 Dec 2017 — Every year, a group uses the anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre of Dec. 6, 1989, for its anti-gun marketing blitz. While Canadian shooters brace for the annual campaign, an analysis of Google searches suggests most people don’t connect Polytechnique with gun control.

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Gun Licences, Handguns and AR-15s Rose to Records in October

5 Dec 2017 — Here’s some bright news on this dark anniversary: The number of Canadians with gun licences rose to a record in October, and individual ownership of handguns and AR-15 rifles climbed by more than 1,000 a week to a new high.

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Is Statistics Canada Overstating ‘Firearm-Related Homicides’?

23 Nov 2017

(Update 14 May 2018: Adds data on automatic firearms and “firearm-like weapons” in ninth paragraph.) — Statistics Canada’s annual homicide report counted 223 “firearm-related homicides” last year. Data tables accompanying the publication show 30 of them, or 13.5 percent, may not involve guns at all.

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Glock Imports From Austria Surge as AmChar Enters Canada

2 Jun 2017

AmChar Wholesale Inc. is entering Canada’s gun industry with a bang: the U.S. firearm distributor set a 16-year record for imports of Glock pistols from Austria as it prepares to supply police, recreational shooters and competitors.

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RCMP Says 1,182 Gun Licences Don’t Have Photos, CCFR Reports

25 May 2017

The RCMP said 1,182 people in Canada have gun licences without photos because of a religious exemption, the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights reported, citing the national police.

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Analysis: RCMP 2016 Commissioner of Firearms Report

18 May 2017

Following is some analysis of the 2016 Commissioner of Firearms Report, which was published today by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and provides a snapshot of Canadian gun licences, registrations and related topics as of Dec. 31, 2016.

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