Liberals Aim to Ban SKS and All Other Semi-Auto, Centrefire, Mag-Fed Rifles And Shotguns — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working to ban all semi-auto, centrefire rifles and shotguns that can take detachable ammo mags.

The mass prohibitions and confiscations specifically target the country’s 2.2 million government-licensed firearm users, such as hunters, farmers, ranchers, and sport shooters.

Bill C-21 Amendment

  • Trudeau’s Liberal Party planned its newest attacks on honest citizens through last-minute amendments to Bill C-21, its draft anti-gun law.
  • The opposition Conservative Party revealed the crackdowns today at the House of Commons Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security (SECU).
  • The committee is in the final stages of reviewing the bill.
  • The Liberals are hiding the text and details of their newest confiscation plans from the public.

Amendment Wording

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association shared the text of the amendment.

The prohibitions target you if you own:

a firearm that is a rifle or shotgun, that is capable of discharging centrefire ammunition in a semi-automatic manner and that is designed to accept a detachable cartridge magazine with a capacity greater than five cartridges of the type for which the firearm was originally designed

SKS Among 400 New Models

  • The assault targets the owners of roughly 400 rifle and shotgun models. Most of the goods have a legal label of “Non-Restricted.”
  • It includes owners of SKS rifles, the CSSA said.
  • The SKS is Canada’s most-popular centrefire, semi-auto rifle, with more than 200,000 owners.

Dancho: ‘All-Out War on Hunters’

  • The confiscations are “an all-out war on hunters,” Conservative Member of Parliament Raquel Dancho said today during the SECU meeting.
  • Liberals on the committee tried to block her from sharing the confiscation plan.
  • They denied her repeated requests for details.

Liberal Hostility

  • Today’s confiscations are Trudeau’s newest effort to weaken citizens, eliminate gun ownership, and destroy the firearm industry.
  • The Liberals said in May that they would amend Bill C-21 to expand their mass rifle and shotgun confiscations begun in May 2020. They initiated handgun confiscations last month.
  • Even if Bill C-21 fails to become law, Trudeau could order his crackdowns by so-called “Order in Council.”
  • He’s planning many new measures to suppress responsible firearm users.
  • Many gun owners still vote Liberal.

Guaranteed Failure

  • Today’s confiscations are unenforceable. Many, perhaps even most targeted gun owners will ignore them.
  • Trudeau and his Liberal prohibitionists don’t know who owns what, and have no easy way to seize it.
  • Shoppers have already begun a buying spree to stock up before any new bans take effect.

Confiscations, Slow or Fast?

  • It’s unclear if the Liberals want police to raid the homes of targeted owners to seize our gear immediately after the bans take effect, or some time later.
  • It’s also unclear how long targeted owners will be allowed to use our firearms.
  • The Liberals aren’t offering to compensate confiscation victims.

Contempt for Parliamentary Process

  • Today’s move by the Liberals showed contempt for parliamentary process.
  • They snuck in major changes to Bill C-21 in its final stages in the House of Commons.
  • This amendment is only one of many planned changes introduced to Bill C-21 today. The Liberals also plan to expand prohibitions and restrictions on firearm parts.