Rob Pincus Analyzes Lessons From Gun-Pointing Selfie Guy

Gun Pointing Selfie — Rob Pincus, the executive director of the Personal Defense Network and the executive vice president of the Second Amendment Organization, analyzes a video of a man taking a selfie at a target range while pointing a loaded gun at his friend.

Pincus focuses on lessons for trainers, target-range managers and range-safety officers in general, and in the context of U.S. gun politics in particular. Watch his 14 minute video analysis here.

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Police Lobby Group to Create Special Committee on Firearms

(Update Oct. 6 at 12:25 Toronto time: Rewrites throughout, adds history of CACP promoting restrictions on gun owners.) — The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, a lobby group and supporter of the Coalition for Gun Control, will update its position on firearms as the government prepares new bans aimed at licensed hunters and sport shooters.

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Bill C-71 Senator André Pratte Comments on Timing, Communication — Senator André Pratte, the sponsor of the Canadian government’s Bill C-71 in the upper house of parliament, didn’t exclude passage of the planned law this year, but didn’t indicate any specific timing, he told today in a short Q&A. He also advised sending personal e-mails instead of form letters when contacting senators.

Pratte told the Senate earlier this week that Bill C-71 wouldn’t be amended to include the new gun bans being examined by the government.

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Bill C-71 Heads to Senate After Passing in House of Commons

(Update 26 Sept: Adds Bernier response. Update 25 Sept.: Adds OFAH comment.) — The Canadian government’s Bill C-71 heads to the Senate for review after having passed its third and final reading in the House of Commons today.

The proposed law could take effect this year as part of a series of measures by the ruling Liberal Party to curtail the private ownership of firearms.

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Scheer Pledges to Repeal Bill C-71, Rejects Handgun Ban

Scheer Opposes Handgun Ban

Screenshot of Andrew Scheer with Rachael Harder and Conservative MPs today in the lobby of the House of Commons. Source: Harder’s Facebook page. — Andrew Scheer, the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party and of the official opposition, leveled one of his strongest critiques of government firearm policy and made an election promise today. He pledged to repeal Bill C-71 if elected prime minister and rejected any handgun ban.

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