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RCMP Slows Printing Gun Licences, Fuelling Speculation of Bans

· 4 min read — Canada’s federal agency in charge of gun licensing everyone from hunters and farmers to Olympic shooters said it slowed printing the permits because of “technical circumstances,” fuelling speculation new firearm bans are imminent. “Due to technical circumstances, the ...

I Am Afraid to Talk to My Doctors About My Struggle: Mark Carew

· 2 min read — The following letter was sent by Mark Carew to Doctors for Protection From Guns and their registered lobbyist ...

Dangerous Fallacies at the Heart of the Gun Debate

· 9 min read — Here are a few dangerous fallacies at the heart of discussions about guns and gun ownership. Introduction Where ...

A Canadian Approach to Public Safety (Humour)

· 3 min read — Following is an imaginary conversation based on real laws for Canada’s 2.2 million men and women hunters, farmers and ...

’Tis the Day Before Christmas — Gun Ban Edition

· 1 — ’Tis the day before Christmas, and all through the land Every gunnie is watching for any sign of ...

Here are Lynda Kiejko ⁦@Cdnshootingstar⁩ , Allan Harding ⁦@alharding⁩ , Kim Britton ⁦@yyckim⁩ and Liz Gustafson after today’s air-pistol match before next week’s World Cup in Munich.

⁦@AlbertaHandgun⁩ ⁦@bctargetsports⁩


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