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TACCOM: Visit Canada’s Tactical & Competitive Shooting Show

· 3 min read — is excited to be among the leaders of the Canadian shooting community, firearm industry and thousands of shooters heading in two weeks to TACCOM, the Tactical & Competitive Shooting Sports Show. The three-day gathering in Toronto is ...

Five Realities to Stop Ignoring If We Aim to Stop Mass Attackers

· 3 min read — Canadian and U.S. politicians and mass media are acting out their usual routine following the weekend massacres in ...

Edward Burlew: Licensed Gun Owners Fight Back

· 2 min read — Edward Burlew, a leading Canadian firearm lawyer, sent the following letter to as the governing Liberal Party ...

A Canadian Approach to Public Safety (Humour)

· 3 min read — Following is an imaginary conversation based on real laws for Canada’s 2.2 million men and women hunters, farmers and ...

’Tis the Day Before Christmas — Gun Ban Edition

· 1 — ’Tis the day before Christmas, and all through the land Every gunnie is watching for any sign of ...

Our Team BC rifle team is ready for the 2019 Canadian National Rifle & Pistol Championships! The team consists of:

Sullivan Fagan, Sera Nami, Pat Landals, Isabella Aljam-Antoine, Gabriella Dube, Katherine Sheldon, Gurjeevan Sidhu,
Darryl Craig

Good luck team! Go for gold!🥇

@TheGunBlog No No No, As with the IRREGULAR TRAVELLERS walking into Canada and they reach sanctuary cities and sanctuary homes.

We also have to open up our hearts and our homes to other irregular travelers or undocumented travelers.

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