SHOT Show 2017, Day 1: Aimpoint, C-More, Comp-Tac, P226 Legion

The show space is huge. The number of attendees is massive. The number of guns and gear is overwhelming. The following are my highlights from Day 1 of SHOT Show 2017.

Aimpoint: New ‘Micro S-1’ for Shotguns. Aimpoint said at a press conference that it developed a new red-dot sight for shotguns, the Micro S-1. It’s similar to the company’s Micro H-2 model, with a lower axis and 6 MOA dot.

Beretta CX4 Storm: My Surprise of the Day. I handled a Beretta CX4 Storm for the first time, in the showroom, not at the range. The 9 mm rifle surprised me by how light it was and how comfortable it felt in my hands. (Wait, are we still talking about the gun?) Canadian police label it “non-restricted,” allowing anyone with a firearms licence to buy it. How nice.

C-More Systems: Red-Dot Sights. Some companies put forward their military clients, but Gayle Kay, co-owner and chief financial officer of C-More, likes to showcase competition shooters who use her company’s sights to win. Chris Tilley most recently won a national match of the U.S. Practical Shooting Association with C-More’s RTS2 model, and for the past nine years, the winners used C-More red dots, she said. (Why wouldn’t they put this on the website?)

Comp-Tac: President’s Favourite Holsters. Good holsters help competition shooters win victories and help defensive shooters save lives, and nobody knows that better than Comp-Tac President Gregg Garrett, also the company’s founder. He used to work as a contractor in private security and executive protection in South Africa. He said the MTAC is a top-seller for concealed carry. asked him about his own favourites.

  • For Everyday Concealed Carry: The Infidel series of inside-the-waistband models, in particular the Infidel Ultra Max, because he prefers leather to kydex against his skin.
  • For Competition: International. It attaches outside the waistband, and he likes its adjustability and all the ways it can be configured.

SIG Sauer P226 Legion: Bad Finish Is Finished. The cause of defective finishes on some early versions of SIG Sauer P226 Legion pistols has been corrected, a rep for the company said. Several users and blogs had noted abnormal wear on their models.

SHOT Show 2017: Military/Police Range Day Report

Todd Hodnett Long-Range Precision Rifle Shooting
Todd Hodnett (left), precision-shooting instructor, with Nicolas Johnson, editor of, at the SHOT Show 2017 range day for military and police.

Today’s SHOT Show range day for military and police was a blast. Continue reading “SHOT Show 2017: Military/Police Range Day Report”

SHOT Show 2017: Badged and Ready

Media Badge for SHOT Show in Las Vegas gun shooting
The editor of armed with his badge for SHOT Show 2017.

I picked up my badge for SHOT Show in Las Vegas today and am now ready for the world’s largest gun show. Attending will be a dream come true and will tick an item on my bucket list.

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Czech Republic to Change Law So Citizens Can Shoot Terrorists

Canadian governments have tended to disarm law-abiding people and restrict or ban firearms, leaving us defenceless or gravely disadvantaged if attacked. Other countries want to help their citizens protect themselves and each other.

The Czech Republic plans a constitutional amendment this year to allow gun-carrying civilians to shoot terrorists, RT and Radio Prague reported today, citing Interior Minister Milan Chovanec.

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Top Guns of YouTube: Demolition Ranch Surges, FPS Russia Stops

Top YouTube Gun Channels by Number of Videos

Demolition Ranch is the new king of YouTube gun channels as it attracts subscribers faster than anyone else in the top 20. In just the past six months, it has overtaken FullMag and hickok45.

FPS Russia still leads by total subscribers, but hasn’t published a video since April 2016. It ranks last for subscriber growth. Range Time TS has also stopped.

The charts below rank the top 20 channels on different criteria. You can also see rankings at December 2015 and June 2016. got the idea for these rankings from Demolition Ranch’s Top YouTube Gun Channels…….ROAST video of the top 15 channels in July 2014.

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Colt Canada C8 SAS Rifle Gets Technical Review by Chris Bartocci

If you’re interested in AR-15 rifles, Canadian firearms or special-forces weapons, you might enjoy Chris Bartocci’s analysis of a rifle that Colt Canada Corp. developed for Britain’s Special Air Service.

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