Trudeau Files New Regulations and Law to Kill Legal Handgun Market By Fall

Trudeau’s media briefing by CPAC TV via — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau filed new regulations and a draft law today to kill the legal handgun market by this fall, as he works to weaken citizens, end shooting sports, and eliminate personal gun ownership.

Result: Confiscation

  • The attacks will lead to the confiscation of the country’s 1.1 million legally owned handguns.
  • The crackdowns will start by criminalizing anyone with a government-issued firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) who buys, sells, imports, or transfers any legally owned pistol or revolver.
  • The free market outside government control is unaffected.

Regulations Via Order in Council

To ensure the national freeze on handguns can be implemented swiftly, the Minister of Public Safety has already tabled regulatory amendments in both the House of Commons and the Senate. These regulations will help stop the growth of personally owned handguns in Canada and are expected to come into force in Fall 2022.

Source: Justin Trudeau, News Release, 30 May 2022

New Bill C-21

The governing Liberal Party also introduced Bill C-21 in the House of Commons to further criminalize and confiscate.

Trudeau called his combined regulatory and legislative attacks against honest citizens the strongest anti-gun measures in more than 40 years.

Death of Handgun Sports, Clubs, Ranges, Careers

  • The crackdown will eventually end so-called RPAL classes to get a handgun licence.
  • It will end all handgun sports, force all handgun clubs and ranges to close, and terminate handgun careers (instructors, marketing, sales, athletes, etc.)
  • It will wipe out more than $1 billion in family and personal wealth, as guns, parts, accessories and ammunition become worthless.
  • It will erode safety by making it impossible for police and security guards to train with their personal pistols.
  • The roughly 330,000 existing handgun owners will be allowed (for now) to keep our handguns until we die. Then it’s forced confiscation.

Olympic Pistol Shooter Responds

Lynda Kiejko, a lifelong pistol competitor and the only Team Canada shooter who qualified for the past two Olympics, said on Twitter:

“Someone is going to have to explain to me how restricting the sale of handguns has any impact on ILLEGAL guns or violence… It does make it impossible to buy new sports equipment in the future.”

Other Intended Prohibitions and Restrictions

  • C-21: Simplified “red-flag” system to easily and quickly confiscate guns from licensed owners.
  • Overhaul firearm-classification system so that certain rifles and shotguns are “automatically prohibited when they enter the market.”
  • C-21: New airgun prohibitions.
  • (OIC?): “… require long-gun magazines to be permanently altered so they can never hold more than five rounds,” according to Trudeau’s press release. Unclear if this includes tube magazines in shotguns and lever guns.
  • OIC: New prohibitions on home firearm storage.
  • OIC: New firearm-marking regulations.
  • Begin compensating victims of Trudeau’s May 2020 mass rifle and shotgun confiscations this year.

What You Can Do

  • If there’s a handgun you’ve been thinking about, buy it now.
  • It’s risky. What’s legal today could be prohibited tomorrow.
  • Trudeau and his Liberals are the most-hostile political force against lawful gun users and are constantly working to suppress us.

Bill C-21 Text

Technical Briefing

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Table: Coming Into Force