Trudeau Officially Begins Attack on Gun Owners

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially began his attack on gun owners today, following through on promises made to win the Oct. 19 election.

Trudeau instructed his Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Ralph Goodale, to “Take action to get handguns and assault weapons off our streets by working with the Minister of Justice to strengthen controls on handguns and assault weapons, including by repealing some elements of Bill C-42.”

That was the 5th of 12 priorities assigned to Goodale by Trudeau in his so-called “mandate letter” to the Minister. Trudeau published each minister’s mandate letter today.

Buying, owning, transporting and shooting guns legally in Canada already requires courses, tests and background checks to obtain a licence. Buying, owning, transporting and shooting handguns and popular semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 requires additional courses, tests, licences, registrations and authorizations.

“Strengthened controls” in the form of additional restrictions, costs and paperwork will burden only responsible gun owners who respect and obey the law. All controls will continue to be ignored by criminals and outlaws, who by definition disregard the law.

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