Liberals Reiterate Plan for New OIC to Confiscate More Guns

Liberal Minister Dominic LeBlanc, Senate SECD Committee, 23 October 2023 — Canada’s governing Liberal Party reiterated today that it will order new rifle and shotgun confiscations by executive decree, expanding its attacks against government-licensed gun owners and businesses.

Expand Rifle and Shotgun Seizures By OIC

  • The planned prohibition and confiscation “order in council” (OiC) would bypass parliament, and aim to:
    1. Criminalize every licensed gun owner who has any semi-automatic, centre-fire, magazine-fed rifle or shotgun, and
    2. Prohibit and confiscate those models.
  • Liberal Minister of Public Safety Dominic LeBlanc repeated the plan in his opening statement today to the Senate committee reviewing Bill C-21, the Liberals’ newest anti-gun legislation.
  • It was his first official comment on the Liberal anti-gun campaign in his new function.
  • The OiC is in addition to Bill C-21.

LeBlanc: ‘Future Decree’

LeBlanc said the following in French, translated by

To settle the problem of firearm classification, we are re-establishing the Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee to independently examine the classification of existing models that fall under the new prospective definition of “Prohibited” firearm in Bill C-21, and to identify those that qualify as hunting firearms to exclude them from a future decree [OiC] aiming to prohibit all existing assault weapons.”

—Dominic LeBlanc, Senate SECD Committee, 23 October 2023

The Liberals use the misleading term “assault weapons” to label rifles and shotguns they dislike. (See the Bill C-21 “ban list” they proposed last November.)

OIC for Existing Models, Bill C-21 for Future Models

  • The planned Liberal confiscation order targets our existing models of semi-auto, centre-fire, mag-fed rifles and shotguns, equipment that we own now.
  • Bill C-21 would prohibit future models that are designed and made after Bill C-21 becomes law.

Broken Trust and Rising Risk

  • The Liberals pretend to want public safety while in fact undermining it.
  • They have planned and executed their crackdowns on honest citizens with the help of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • The Liberal+RCMP attacks have fueled animosity towards politicians and police, broken trust in government institutions and undermined social stability.


  • Marco Mendicino, LeBlanc’s predecessor, mentioned the intended confiscation order in May. The Liberals had initially planned to unleash the new attack as early as the summer.
  • The intended crackdown follows two earlier Liberal decrees against honest citizens:
    1. May 2020 order targeting rifle and shotgun owners
    2. October 2022 order targeting handgun owners to begin the confiscation of all legally owned handguns.
  • Their campaign to suppress personal gun ownership has been slowed by massive resistance from police, provinces and the public (including, plus major legislative and logistical obstacles.

Burlew: Why the Liberals Are Waiting

“The possible reason there has been no new OIC is because there are the Applicants challenging the first OIC gun ban [in Federal Court],” said Edward Burlew, a firearm lawyer. “The Liberals want to find out what they can and cannot do.”


Update October 24: Adds Edward Burlew comment.