‘I Will Purposely Indulge in Civil Disobedience’ on Bill C-21, Yukon Gun Owner Tells Mendicino: CBC News

TheGunBlog.ca — A gun owner in the Yukon told the minister drafting the Liberal Party of Canada’s newest mass gun confiscations that he won’t surrender his firearms, CBC News reported yesterday.

Klassen: ‘Civil Disobedience’

“I’ve obeyed the law. I’ve enforced the laws as a former deputy minister at the Yukon Government. And I recognize a bad law when I see it,” CBC quoted Bill Klassen as telling Marco Mendicino at a meeting on Bill C-21.

“And so I’m saying that I will purposely indulge in civil disobedience. I will not surrender my Parker shotgun, my Weatherby rifle or my Ruger,” Klassen said at the January 19 meeting in Whitehorse, according to CBC.

Why It Matters

  • Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s attacks against government-licensed firearm owners will fail.
  • Klassen is among the hundreds of thousands of men and women targeted by the crackdowns who intends to keep their gear.
  • Trudeau has no idea how to overcome the massive resistance from the public, provinces, police, and his own party, as well as major political, financial and logistical obstacles.

Yukon Opposes Bill C-21, Premier Pillai Says

“As the Yukon’s Member of Parliament Brendan Hanley has made clear, the Yukon does not support Bill C-21 in its present form,” Yukon Premier Ranj Pillai said yesterday.

Confiscation Timeline

Trudeau and his Liberal Party have worked for years to weaken citizens, destroy the firearm industry, and eliminate personal gun ownership as a tactic to win votes.