I created TheGunBlog.ca (Twitter: @TheGunBlog) in January 2015 to promote the safe, respectful, responsible, informed and skilled use of firearms in Canada.

TheGunBlog.ca aims to be a hub for information, facts, data, news, analysis and opinion for anyone and everyone wanting to learn about guns in Canada. It seeks to be thoughtful, fair, balanced and fun. [Update: Sometimes with large doses of snark.]

Whether you love guns or hate them or are in between, whether you are a novice or expert with firearms, whether you want to learn about guns for collecting, hunting, competing, relaxing, training, writing, photographing, defence, war, work, fun, as a hobby or lifestyle, or anything else, TheGunBlog.ca aims to serve you.

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Nicolas Johnson
04 January 2015
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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About Me

  • Have been into guns since I was a boy.
  • Enjoy handguns, rifles and shotguns.
  • Support freedom and rights of people to own and use firearms for protection, hunting, recreation, competition and collecting.
  • Particular interest in politics, policy and personal protection.
  • Closer to believing that firearm ownership and training should be mandatory than to believing it should be prohibited. (But I dislike “mandatory” anything.)
  • Current or past member of CSSA, NFA, CCFR, ORA in Canada, and NRA in U.S.
  • Certified range-safety officer
  • NRA certified instructor
  • Previously: Senior editor for a major global provider of real-time news on finance, investing and business.

About Ads

The ads that appear are placed by WordPress.com, and I have no control over them and I don’t earn anything from them. (I’m using the free version of the blogging platform.)

As of 2017: I am seeking donors, sponsors or advertisers interested in supporting the above goals, and more. (We can talk.)