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TheGunBlog.ca is Canada’s leading source of news and commentary on firearm politics, policy and industry. We inform. We inspire. We create change.

TheGunBlog.ca has been quoted in the House of Commons, quoted or acknowledged by major media (The Canadian Press, Post Media, iPolitics, …), shared at gun clubs around the country, and shared on social media around the world.

A few of the ways we have shaped 2018

Leader. TheGunBlog.ca is Canada’s leading source of news, analysis and commentary about gun rights, gun politics, the firearm industry and related subjects. (Occasional scoops on product news, but no product reviews.)

Political. TheGunBlog.ca starts from the perspective that the most important part of gun rights isn’t “gun,” it’s “rights.” We vigourously promote the legal right to use firearms and ammunition for any legitimate purpose.

Trusted. TheGunBlog.ca is a trusted source of information by everyone from top executives in the firearm industry and advocacy groups to trainers/instructors and shooting-club presidents to individual shooters and hunters to hobbyists looking to get a gun licence. It’s also read, quoted and shared by officials in government, government agencies and media. (It’s always a special treat when our words are quoted in the House of Commons.)

Independent. TheGunBlog.ca is fiercly independent. We remain largely a one-man show (with lots of helpers!), allowing for autonomy, flexibility and creativity. (See disclosures below.)

Exclusive. TheGunBlog.ca publishes original and exclusive content that is unavailable anywhere else.

Professional. TheGunBlog.ca is published by a former editor at one of the world’s most-influential media companies. The authority and credibility of our strong point of view stems from our commitment to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, fairness and transparency.

Original Introduction

I created TheGunBlog.ca (Twitter: @TheGunBlog) to promote the safe, respectful, responsible, informed and skilled use of firearms in Canada.

TheGunBlog.ca aims to be a hub for information, facts, data, news, analysis and opinion for anyone and everyone wanting to learn about guns in Canada. It seeks to be thoughtful, fair, balanced and fun.

Whether you love guns or hate them or are in between, whether you are a novice or expert with firearms, whether you want to learn about guns for collecting, hunting, competing, relaxing, training, writing, photographing, defence, war, work, fun, as a hobby or lifestyle, or anything else, TheGunBlog.ca aims to serve you.

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Nicolas Johnson
04 January 2015
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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About the Editor

  • Has been into guns since he was a boy.
  • Enjoys handguns, rifles and shotguns.
  • Supports freedom and rights of people to own and use firearms for protection, hunting, recreation, competition and collecting.
  • Has particular interest in politics, policy and personal protection.
  • Says: The most important part of gun rights isn’t “gun,” it’s “rights.”
  • Is closer to believing that firearm ownership and training should be mandatory than to believing it should be prohibited. (But he dislikes “mandatory” anything.)
  • Current or past member of CCFR, CSSA, NFA, ORA in Canada, and NRA in U.S. (See below.)
  • Certified range-safety officer
  • NRA certified instructor
  • Previously: Senior editor for a major global provider of real-time news on finance, investing and business.

Important Disclosures

By the Editor

This Update: 19 July 2018

Ownership, Intention, Alignment of Interests

  • This website is independent. I decide what gets published.
  • My goal is to respect the highest standards of journalistic ethics and quality (accuracy, fairness, transparency of sources, …) and to advance the interests of the shooting community. That includes individuals, businesses, associations, clubs, ranges, trainers, instructors, etc. The way I see it, we all rise together or we all sink together. I want us to rise.
  • I receive payment as an independent consultant or contractor from some of the individuals, businesses and associations that I write about. The one time this happened I was writing a book and they wanted to help fund the book.
  • I receive donations from some of the individuals, businesses and associations that I write about. It’s impossible for me to track, trace or verify, so I just assume it’s the case. In reality, I don’t know the identity of most of my donors, but I am thankful for their help.
  • I earn a commission on products sold via the Store.
  • I am a past, present and future customer or member of many of the businesses and associations that I write about, e.g. gun stores, manufacturers, clubs, trainers, ranges, CSSA, CCFR, NFA, NRA.
  • I benefit from advantages generally accorded to media, such as invitations or permission to attend private events. These include trade shows, facility tours and range events that offer participants the use of guns and ammo without charge, or for a small fee, and may include meals.
  • I don’t have any direct financial stake or financial interest in any company, association or topic that I cover.
  • I have accepted standard trade-show swag, such as pens, keychains, coffee mugs, a book and a paper target.

Privacy & Security

  • I value personal privacy and information security. (In general, and especially considering what we’re dealing with here.)
  • I will never share subscriber information with a third party, will never sell or abuse your information. In most cases, I will never ask for your information.
  • I do use subscriber information to share content relevant and related to TheGunBlog.ca, such as e-mail alerts about new posts or campaigns.
  • I recognize that risks always exist, and I use third-party software (e.g. Gmail, MailChimp, WordPress, …) to manage subscriptions and publish.

Subscribing & Unsubscribing

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Reader Comments

By hunters, farmers, collectors, recreational shooters, competitors, industry executives, government employees, and others:

“Thank you for your work to support the interests of law-abiding gun owners.” — Devin

“I am a hunter, farmer and target shooter. Enjoy your posts.” — Alton

“I’ve been following your blog for a few months and wanted to compliment you on your clear concise and informative articles. It is a welcome change from the uninformed crowd hysteria in most social media. Keep up the great work.” — Terry

“Many thanks to you for running your blog.” — Brian

“Merci pour ton travail. J’apprécie tous les articles que tu écris.” (“Thank you for your work. I appreciate all the articles you write.”) — Reader on CanadianGunNutz

“Thanks for running this blog. It is a needed site for gun owners.” — William, British Columbia

“Thank you for the part you are playing with the blog and keeping us up to date on the issues affecting this great sport and hobby we all share.” — Ian, Quebec

“Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing and know you have my support. — Frank

“Thank you for your work.” — Doug

“Thanks for putting out great content.” — Stephen

“I appreciate your coverage of important issues.” — Lynda Kiejko, Olympic Shooter, Alberta

“Thanks for everything you are doing to keep lawful firearms owners appraised.” — Stan

“Keep up the good work.” — Anton

“Thanks for all your hard work.” — Richard

“Keep up the great work!” — Eric

“Thank you for the spectacular work you’ve been doing on behalf of Canadian firearm owners.” — Mohamad

“Thanks for all you do.” — Brian

“TheGunBlog.ca does a great job for law-abiding firearm owners.” — Ron

”Great site!” — Elisa

“I would like to say how much I appreciate all the hard work that goes into TheGunBlog. It keeps us informed and I really appreciate the government contact information included.” — Randy

“Thank you so much for this blog!” — Michael

“What you are doing is unbelievably important to firearms community members and the cause at hand.” — Anthony

“You are doing a great job for all of the Canadian gun owners. Thanks so much.” — Gerry, British Columbia

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you keeping us subscribers up to date. Thanks for all you do!” — Linda

“Appreciate your passion and ongoing direction in support of the industry at large.” — George

“I am happy to endorse the Gun Blog as one of the best online sources of news and information for the Canadian firearms enthusiast. Glad I found it recently.” — James Taylor, Alberta

“Agree! A great job and service to Canadian gun owners is being done there.” — On Target Canada