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“I read every word you publish.”

—Sales manager for a major independent Canadian firearm retailer

“I enjoy reading your stuff. … It affects what my minister does.”

—Canadian federal government official

“… influential …”

—Tim Harper, Toronto Star

“… prominent … ”

iPolitics, CTV News

“… outstanding …”

—Owner of one of Canada’s largest independent gun shops

“Congratulations on an excellent website!”

—Director of parliamentary affairs for a Canadian senator



  • Is a personal project of Nicolas Johnson (me). I am based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Is independent and unaffiliated. See below for disclosures on ethics, interests and payments.
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    • 2018: The Bill C-71 Book
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About Nicolas Johnson

  • Started TheGunBlog.ca in January 2015.
  • Ran as a candidate for the Ontario legislature (Queen’s Park).
  • Worked as a financial reporter and editor with Bloomberg News in Europe and Asia, followed by a stint with The Globe and Mail in Toronto.
  • Degrees from Queen’s University in Canada, and the Sorbonne in France.

Canada shooters value our coverage.

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The shooting community and firearm industry value our coverage.

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Important Disclosures

Ethics, Interests, Payments and Privacy

This Update: 27 July 2020


  • I do my utmost to provide good (accurate and beneficial) ideas and information.
  • I am committed to independence, accuracy, credibility, fairness, transparency and other values of journalism ethics.
  • Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice, tactical advice or any other advice.

Independence, Alignment of Interests

  • I choose what I publish. Nobody pays me or directs me to publish anything.
  • I am a past, present or future customer, member, donor or supporter of many of the businesses, associations, political parties and political candidates that I write about, e.g. gun stores, manufacturers, clubs, trainers, ranges, CSSA, CCFR, NFA, SFC, NRA, Conservative Party of Canada, Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, …
  • Update 27 July 2020: I have donated to court challenges against the Canadian government’s 01 May 2020 order for mass confiscations.
  • I don’t have any financial or other interest in any business, organization or topic that I cover, beyond wanting a strong and profitable firearm industry and shooting community.


  • I seek payments through subscriptions/memberships and donations.
  • I receive payments and donations from individuals, businesses, associations, etc. that I write about. In most cases, I don’t know the identity or the affiliations of payers.
  • I get paid to speak at gun clubs, associations, and other places. I also speak for free.
  • I earn a commission from the TheGunBlog.ca Store if you use my links to buy products from Amazon or Cabela’s Canada.
  • Update 22 October 2018: I have a complimentary membership from a target range.
  • Update 09 June 2019: I have a complimentary subscription to a newspaper.
  • Update 27 July 2020: I have been offered a complimentary membership to a shooting club.

Benefits as Media

  • I benefit from advantages generally accorded to media, such as invitations and permissions to attend private events. These include trade shows, factory tours and range events that may offer the use of guns and ammo without charge or for a small fee, and may include meals.
  • I have accepted standard trade-show swag of nominal value, such as pens, pins, keychains, baseball caps, coffee mugs, coasters, a book and a paper target.

Privacy & Security

  • I value personal privacy, anonymity and data security.
  • If you e-mail me, I consider it private and confidential. I expect the same consideration from you.
  • I will never sell, rent, reveal or abuse your personal information. I can’t think of any time I have ever asked for it.
  • I use subscriber information such as e-mail addresses to share information relevant and related to TheGunBlog.ca, such as managing subscriptions and memberships.
  • TheGunBlog.ca doesn’t store the name or credit-card info of members on our servers. That is handled by our payment processor, Stripe.
  • Risks always exist from the use and connections of many software applications and services, e.g. Amazon, ChartMogul, Gmail, Mailchimp, PayPal, Stripe, WordPress, several WordPress add-ons/plugins.
  • TheGunBlog.ca is aggressive on privacy, security and business continuity. We invest in the best hardware, software and systems at our disposal.