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“I read every word you publish.”

—Sales manager for a major independent Canadian firearm retailer

“I enjoy reading your stuff. … It affects what my minister does.”

—Canadian federal government official

“… outstanding blog …”

—Owner of one of Canada’s biggest independent gun shops

“Congratulations on an excellent website!”

—Director of parliamentary affairs for a Canadian senator

“Your site is the best one-stop place to get up-to-date info.”

—Stefan S., Member

“You’re the voice. … It’s the go-to place for me to find out what’s going on without going through pages of documents on the web.”

— James Cassells, Glock Canadian Sales Manager, August 2022

“I love your newsy blog. When I go looking for facts, events and their links, I start with TheGunBlog.”

— Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University. 14 November 2022

“Trying to stay in touch with up-to-date news was a real challenge for me with everything going on. I found that was the best place to turn to.”

— Donovan Dewis, Canadian Access To Firearms (CATF), October 2022

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“Thanks for all your great work. I’m very happy to pay for the service you provide, it’s well worth it.” — Bryan, British Columbia. 22 Aug. 2018

“just donated. keep up the good work.” — William

“Thank you for your work to support the interests of law-abiding gun owners.” — Devin

“I am a hunter, farmer and target shooter. Enjoy your posts.” — Alton

“I’ve been following your blog for a few months and wanted to compliment you on your clear concise and informative articles. It is a welcome change from the uninformed crowd hysteria in most social media. Keep up the great work.” — Terry G.

“Many thanks to you for running your blog.” — Brian

“Merci pour ton travail. J’apprécie tous les articles que tu écris.” (“Thank you for your work. I appreciate all the articles you write.”) — Reader on CanadianGunNutz

“Thanks for running this blog. It is a needed site for gun owners.” — William, British Columbia

“Thank you for the part you are playing with the blog and keeping us up to date on the issues affecting this great sport and hobby we all share.” — Ian, Quebec

“Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing and know you have my support. — Frank

“Thank you for your work.” — Doug

“Thanks for putting out great content.” — Stephen

“I appreciate your coverage of important issues.” — Lynda Kiejko, Olympic Shooter, Alberta

“Thanks for everything you are doing to keep lawful firearms owners appraised.” — Stan

“Keep up the good work.” — Anton

“Thanks for all your hard work.” — Richard. 19 Apr 2018.

“Keep up the great work!” — Eric

“Thank you for the spectacular work you’ve been doing on behalf of Canadian firearm owners.” — Mohamad

“Thanks for all you do.” — Brian

“ does a great job for law-abiding firearm owners. … I want to send in a donation” — Ron A., 29 November 2018

”Great site!” — Elisa

“I would like to say how much I appreciate all the hard work that goes into TheGunBlog. It keeps us informed and I really appreciate the government contact information included.” — Randy

“Thank you so much for this blog!” — Michael

“What you are doing is unbelievably important to firearms community members and the cause at hand.” — Anthony

“You are doing a great job for all of the Canadian gun owners. Thanks so much. … Your work and your blog really matter to us rank and file. ” — Gerry, British Columbia

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you keeping us subscribers up to date. Thanks for all you do!” — Linda

“Appreciate your passion and ongoing direction in support of the industry at large.” — Canadian sales manager for a major firearm manufacturer. 06 Jul 2018

“I am happy to endorse TheGunBlog as one of the best online sources of news and information for the Canadian firearms enthusiast. Glad I found it recently.” — James Taylor, Alberta

“Agree! A great job and service to Canadian gun owners is being done there.” — On Target Canada

“I appreciate your professional efforts on behalf of the community and industry. Thanks for the information you provide.” — James

“I appreciate your work and common sense. … Hang in there.” — Bryan

“Thank you for all the hard work you do, I live in Halifax and own several handguns and an SKS and I am worried they are going to try and confiscate guns here too.” — Steve V.

“I personally would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this. Your blog is a great one-stop shop for information. I will be donating today.” — Stefan S., 29 July 2018. “I will be donating again, your efforts are much appreciated.” — Stefan S., 30 July 2019

“I like what you are doing.” — John

“Your blog is very informative and a fine public service.” — Richard, British Columbia

“Thank you for the great work you do. It is much appreciated.” — Ben

“You are doing stellar work getting the word out, I thank you, sir.” — Gerry, British Columbia

“Thank you for your hard work and for the speedy information you provide in the ever changing landscape of Canadian firearms ownership. A salute to you from a thankful gun owner.” — Dan, Ontario

“I have been receiving your emails now for a couple months and really enjoy your work. On behalf of myself and our community as a whole your work is tremendously important and very well done. I look forward to more of your great content.” — Brandon

“Thanks for your great effort and voice in all of this.” — Gerry

“Nicolas Johnson of spends all of his time talking about this issue. He has thousands of followers and is well connected. Why would we not want to hear the opinion of this individual, who represents so many firearms owners?” — Alberta MP Blaine Calkins, House of Commons Debates (Hansard), 04 June 2018

“You’re doing an outstanding job advocating against Bill C-71.” —James Nightingale (Nova Scotia), 05 June 2018

“Thank you so much for your extensive efforts to protect the ‘Rights’ of Canadian citizens. … Keep up the battle with your intelligent insights and I’ll keep supporting you as I can. Thanks again.” — Rick, Ontario, 30 Sept. 2018 and 25 Oct. 2018.

“Thank you for the great work you are doing.” — John

“You are keeping me informed on all of the important information that few others are covering.” — Richard M. Ontario. 04 Oct 2018.

“I appreciate your work and efforts to keep legitimate shooting sports viable!” — Robert. 06 Oct. 2018.

“I’ve followed your blog on Twitter for the last several months and have found the information provided and support of the firearms community to be exemplary.” — Mauro. 12 Oct. 2018

“Thank to people like you for your work and efforts on this serious matter.” — Louis. 16 Oct. 2018

“I am a fan, and you have a number of others in the form of my friends.” — Roman, Ontario. 17 Oct. 2018

“I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!” — Justin, 24 Oct. 2018

“I want to thank you for work you are doing!” — Dave A., 25 Oct. 2018

“Excellent information. Thank you.” — Jeff N., 26 Oct. 2018

“Great website.” — George, 31 Oct. 2018

“Thank you for the work you are doing.” — Bill K., Ontario. 06 Nov. 2018

“I am an avid reader of’s articles and am in full support of the opinions and facts presented. I am also a National Firearms Association long-time member and firearms user and advocate for the shooting sports. Please keep up the excellent articles so the gun grabbers know firearms owners are serious and informed. Thank You.” — Bob. 09 Nov. 2018

“Thank you @TheGunBlog for your continued support of shooting sports!” — Allan Harding, Canadian National Pistol Champion, 15 Nov. 2018 in Toronto (14 Nov. in Washington State)

“Thank you so much for your activism and tireless efforts in keeping us up to date on the latest news. I hope my small contribution can help you. I want my son to be able to shoot my two [firearm make and model] decades from now because of the efforts of people like you. … Please keep up the great work!” — Cary C., British Columbia, 16 Nov. 2018

“Keep up the good work with TheGunBlog!” — Arie. 26 Nov. 2018

“Keep up the great work.” — William. 29 Nov. 2018

“Thanks for all you do.” “You are our relentless Patriotic Gun Rights Warrior!” — J.G., British Columbia. 30 Nov. 2018, 19 Mar 2019

“Keep up your good work.” Doug S., Manitoba. 01 Dec. 2018

“I checked out your blog (obviously) and I found it truly interesting. Reminded me I always wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle.” — U.O., Ontario. 03 Dec. 2018

“I like the direction and scope of your articles and the voice you use to fight for common sense and the rights of all legal firearms enthusiasts and owners.” — James. 07 Dec. 2018

“Thanks for your great work. Please keep it up! Been a subscriber for a while, now want to contribute.” — George P., 07 Dec. 2018

“Your efforts are truly appreciated. Perhaps you could let me know how I could contribute.” “The work you are doing is needed and appreciated. — Jim Q., 08 Dec. 2018 and 16 Mar 2019

“Appreciate all the info on your site.  Will be using it in the next day or so to write the Senators. … Thank you Nicolas for your service.” — Joan H., 12 Dec. 2018

“I luv what you are doing, keep it up!!” — Luciano D. 13 Dec. 2018. “You do such a wonderful job on getting this info out. I am so proud to be associated with you!” — Luciano D, 26 Feb. 2019

“One thing is for sure, you have had a major impact on the gun community and this fight and you probably couldn’t have done that to this degree without the blog.” — Sue, Ontario. 21 Dec. 2018

“Thank you for doing what you can to protect the rights of gun owners.” — Barry M., Alberta. 28 Dec. 2018

“The Glock 48 will be the second pistol I will have bought because of your blog. … Your blog is the first place I found out about the Glock 19 and now the 48. You articles are well written and the info is out before the retailers release their advertisements. I have made a few purchases in the past that I regret mostly because of a lack of good information. There is no shortage of info for the American market. It is great that you put a Canadian perspective on your articles. Thank you again.” — Jason B., British Columbia. 03 Jan. 2019

“Congratulations on an excellent website!” — Director of parliamentary affairs for a Canadian senator. 08 Jan. 2019

“If you’re a Canadian gun owner and not following @TheGunBlog you’re likely missing out! Stay up to date on everything guns and get the latest juicy news! … You’ve got the best #scoops” — Tracey Wilson, Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, 09 Jan. 2019

“You’re doing a great job with the blog.” — Baron, 11 Jan. 2019

“For all your up-to-date news involving Firearms in Canada, @TheGunBlog should be your number one choice. Sign up today!” — On Target Canada (@ontargetcdn), 18 Jan. 2019

“I read every word you publish.” — Sales manager for a major independent firearm business. 23 Jan. 2019

“Thanks very much for all the information you provide and all the hard work you do!” — C.M., British Columbia, 29 Jan. 2019

“It’s because of you folks that I gained the courage to fight back. I have become a fury against this government.” — Mark Carew on Twitter, 30 Jan. 2019

“All of us, the entire Canadian firearms community, owe a huge debt to Nicolas Johnson of the @TheGunBlog .ca, who has been a real stalwart throughout the Trudeau Liberals sustained attacks on the Canadian Firearms Community. Thank you, Nicolas.” — Michael Carman on Twitter, 01 Feb. 2019

“Love TheGunBlog. Was the first person on Twitter I ever talked to way back in last Oct. Then slowly I meet all of the rest and learned what was happening.” — GunAlpha on Twitter, 01 Feb. 2019

“There are too many causes that I want to support and had to decide on which ones I deem to be more urgent. I appreciate everything you do for the community! Being fairly new to the firearms community, it’s one more thing I don’t want to lose thanks to crazy government policy.” — Hansen, British Columbia. 05 Feb. 2019

“Hi, great journalism work!” — Eric V. 07 Feb. 2019

“Thanks to the Titans such as yourself who inspire us!” —, 08 Feb. 2019

“Thanks man for being my primary source of news in the field. Much appreciated.” — Walid Boutros, 09 Feb. 2019

“I find your blog very valuable.” — Newspaper columnist, Alberta, 12 Feb. 2019

“Make no mistake, @TheGunBlog is the best source of news and analysis available for Canadian gunnies.” — Canada Gun Club (@Canada_Gun_Club), 19 Feb. 2019

“Thanks for your hard work in making sure that the views of legitimate and safe gun owners have a voice.” — Gerry T., 24 Feb 2019

“Love what you do!” — Juan F,. 24 Feb. 2019

“Thank you, Nicolas, for all your efforts to rally our brothers and sisters to action, and for keeping us so well informed.” — Eric K., 24 Feb 2019

“Thank you for your excellent work in supporting responsible firearms owners!” — Aaron B., 25 Feb 2019

“Thank you for your Herculean efforts on our behalf!” — Bruce B., 26 Feb 2019

“I have been reading your emails for free for a while now and enjoy receiving the info. I realize it must be a huge undertaking on your part. Keep up the good fight. I realize it is a small donation but money is tight with our Liberal gov’t. I hope it helps a little, kudos to you again. Thanks. — Bob. W., 28 Feb 2019

“Keep it up Nicolas…there are thousands of us out here who appreciate all of your efforts.” — Jerry P. 07 Mar 2019

“Congratulations on a great, facts-based site.” — Malcolm H., 09 Mar 2019

“I have bought and read a copy of your publication ‘The Bill C-71 Book.’ Thanks for putting that together. I’ve passed my copy on to some of my shooting friends.” — Marcel D., 13 Mar 2019

“Love your in-depth reporting on all the issues.” — André G., 13 Mar 2019

“Thank you and God bless you for your diligent hard work and supporting gun owners and gun owner rights.” — Tim M., Ontario, 19 Mar 2019

“Thank you for all your great work.” — Jim B., 19 Mar 2019

“Please accept my heart-felt thanks for all that you do, and for all that you bring to us to keep us informed, and guided in the appropriate directions that we can go to make the most good.” — Kirk S., Alberta, 28 Mar 2019

“Thank you for your efforts on behalf of us gun owners.” — Alan. M, Ontario. 08 April 2019

“Your good work is highly appreciated. Thank you.” — Fouad M., 10 April 2019

“Thank you for the great site you provide.” — Glen E., Alberta, 10 April 2019

“Thanks, very good posts. Appreciate a professional pro-gun opinion.” — Paul M., 13 April 2019

“I’m one of your donors who made a recent donation. Keep up the great work. As a gun owner, hunter and practice shooter, this is my way to support our cause against Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and other anti-gun activists.” — Serge N., Alberta, 29 April 2019

“Just wanted to remind you with my small donation that your contribution and investment of time and energy doesn’t go unnoticed but rather quietly appreciated every day. Thanks.” — Patrick A., 29 April 2019

“Right! Who needs to email the Feds when you have TheGunBlog.” — Paula Hirschmann, Ontario. 30 April 2019

Thank you for the update and for all of your efforts defending and supporting us in the firearms community.” — Darryl M., 02 May 2019

“Love your emails and site. … How can I donate to your cause? I’m really grateful for your news articles and updates and your support of legal law-abiding Firearm owners like me and my wife.” — Michael P., 03 and 06 May 2019

“Thank you Nicolas. Although it is very seldom good news in your emails I would like to extend to you my humble gratitude for your work and keeping our community informed.” — Brandon B., 09 May 2019

“Love your blog/newsletter. Thank you for fighting the good fight.” — Anonymous, 09 May 2019

“Thank you for all the hard work you are doing, for us legal licensed firearms owners, and non-owners. Like me.” — Maria Z., 10 May 2019

“Thanks for the good work you do and keeping the information flowing.” — Andrew M., 12 May 2019

“Thanks for all your great efforts, Doing a real Bang Up job !!” — Michael A, 12 May 2019

“I’ve been watching the C71 issue closely, and your information has contributed significantly.” — Tactical Police Officer, 12 May 2019

“Glad to lend the support. Thanks for all you do.” — Lee J., 16 May 2019

“Love your blog!” — Tim F., 22 May 2019

“I really appreciate all the work you put in.” — Callie M., 29 May 2019

“My sincere thanks for your efforts and comments.” — Tommy H., 29 May 2019

“I truly appreciate your messages. … Thanks again for all you do!!” — Jay O., 31 May 2019

“You are my go-to for solid and credible information.” — Ben R., 31 May 2019

“You are absolutely awesome! Keep up the great work on my behalf. And my son’s behalf. And his future child’s behalf. Too important this is!” — John D., 04 June 2019 … “Again, thanks for your continued efforts for all of us.” — John D., 15 July 2019

“Thank you @TheGunBlog for getting the word out and posting every dodge and twist in real time!” — Shawna Black, 04 June 2019

“I also appreciate all you do to keep the firearms community informed, I know its a rough go, I belong to every group I can afford and donate as much as I can for the fight, thank you very much for your all efforts.” — Mark L., 04 June 2019

“Hello, I’m actually in favor of responsible gun control… but the Trudeau government has gone absolutely far and beyond what is reasonable. I hold a restricted license. I don’t know if this means anything, but I want to thank you for the work you all are doing to protect responsible and legal gun owners. I haven’t gone to the range in years, since Biathlon in 2005-2008, but it’s important work you do. Not only could it hurt gun owners, but airsoft players, paintball, etc too! Huge hits.” — Kody, 04 June 2019

“Thank you again for your continued efforts at to keep us informed about Bill C-71 and its ramifications.” — Allan H., 05 June 2019

“Thank you Nicolas, you have no idea how much your articles are appreciated.” — Patrick S., 07 June 2019

“Thanks for your involvement in this important matter and keeping the legitimate firearm owners in the loop.” — Mike K., 12 June 2019

“Very grateful for all you are doing for the firearms community.” — Donald M., 22 June 2019

“I just wanted to support the work you do & thank you for what you are doing.” — David K., 26 June 2019 … “Hi Nicolas, just wanted to say thank you again for all the advocacy work & reporting you do for firearms owners.” — David K., 29 January 2020

“Thank you for all the incredible work you do for the firearms community.” — Dan D., 01 July 2019

“I just wanted to thank you for the updates and helping everyone with what you are doing !” — Jen B., 11 July 2019

“I enjoy and appreciate the effort you are making toward preserving our gun rights.” — Ralph E., 12 July 2019

“I wanted to thank you for your efforts on behalf of the firearms community for creating and maintaining” — Jim M., 24 July 2019

“I really appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Your journalism is awesome!” — Cameron F., 24 July 2019

“Thank you for for all the hard work you do for us!” — Gerald Y., 30 July 2019

“Thank you for your efforts and championing the cause.” — Rob G., 01 August 2019

“You do an outstanding job supporting the industry with information that is both informative and valuable.” — Canadian sales manager for a major global firearm maker, 01 August 2019

“Your work is inspirational and voices my opinion.” — Abdul A., 06 August 2019

“I support but your viewpoint and read your blog faithfully.” — Brian O., 10 August 2019

“Thank you for all the info you put out. You’re an important part to the story, so keep at it!” — Karen E., 03 April 2019. “Thank you very much for the info/facts you put out. … I want to support your hard work anyway I can.” 11 August 2019

“Thank you for the work you do, I can’t tell you the number of times your links have been mass forwarded in support.” — Barry D., 12 August 2019

“Thank you for all your good work in highlighting the issues regarding C-71, and what is likely to come from the government prior to the election.” — Kym T., 14 August 2019

“I love you guys! Your info has been a huge help in presentations I’ve done.” — Kate M., 14 August 2019

“I appreciate being kept in the loop when news breaks, especially as this crucially important federal election draws near, and‎ us gunnies fight an uphill battle against the antis.” — George O., 15 August 2019

“Thanks for all the hard work you do on our behalf!” — John H., 15 August 2019

“Great content. One of the best and most informative firearm sites. Keep up the good work supporting the shooting sports.” — Gerald J., 16 August 2019

“I read all of your stuff.” — Annettte R., 16 August 2019

“You’re doing a great thing. … Thanks for your amazing job.” — Jim A., 17 August 2019

“I follow your writing and greatly appreciate the work you are doing.” — Richard B., 20 August 2019

“I applaud everything that you have done since you began and recommend TheGunBlog to every firearms owner, current and future. Thanks for all you do.” — Dan S., 09 September 2019

“Thank you for the newsletter and for all the hard work you do.” — Charmaine S., 17 September 2019

“Great blog, and very important one!” — Pavel A., 21 September 2019

“Excellent work! Thank you for standing up for gun owners.” — Keir B., 27 September 2019

“Really appreciate the update, Nicolas! … People like yourself are gold in the struggle. Please don’t quit! we can win this!” — Doug T., 01 October 2019

“I just thought it was time again … you may have inspired me, to do so … to THINK FREEDOM again.” — Ron S., 03 October 2019.

“Thank you for all your work on” — Deborah C., 15 October 2019

“Your research & editorial in the book are quite astounding.” — David K., 16 October 2019 (Referring to the Canadian Gun Owners Guide to Election 2019, published with Christopher di Armani)

“You have done the very best. Thank you for your efforts. Good luck to you and all who appreciate our sport. Much appreciated.” — Michael B., 20 October 2019

“Thanks for all your efforts in support and defense of gun rights.” — Larry P., 24 October 2019

“I want to thank you for this blog. It is THE source of info I turn to.” — Philippe A., 30 October 2019

“Thank you for your great work defending our Freedom.” — Alex K., 05 November 2019

“I just wanted to say you are doing an excellent job and I always look forward to receiving your next update. Please keep up the good work. It is very thorough and informative, and has woken up many firearm owners, I’m sure. … Please keep doing what you are doing. It really does bring us more together as a community.” — Eric G., 07 November 2019

“For the awesome work you bring to the Canadian firearms owners and because the importance of today, November 11th, and what it means to us, Thank You!” — Guy L., 11 November 2019

“I do thank you from the bottom of my heart TheGunBlog, for helping us to keep informed on these issues facing every legal firearm owner. Even though they are trying to make law-abiding citizens criminals. Your work is greatly appreciated!” — Ron P., 12 November 2019

“Thank you for all your time, energy and good works. Kindest regards, Bill.” — Bill D., 16 November 2019

“Appreciate your continued support and dedication for gun owners.” — Peter W., 16 November 2019

“I’m a subscriber to your blog (love it, up to date and informative).” — Jim O., 18 November 2019

“I want to tell you how much i appreciate your hard work. … You are the “wind in the sails” of the firearms community. I thank you from [the] depth of my heart for your dedication.” — Ralf S., 28 November 2019

“Thank you for what you are doing for us. My wife and I have recently joined NFA and CSSA and we are planning to support you as well.” — Bob E., 28 November 2019

“Thanks for the exellent work and best regards.” — Marc G., 06 December 2019

“You are doing a fantastic job and it sure is appreciated by many of us. I believe you have truly made a tremendous awareness of just what the firearm community is all about.” — Gregory K., 08 December 2019

“You guys at the gun blog are doing a great job keeping us abreast about everything firearms.” — Mike P., 10 December 2019

“Thank you for your excellent Blog and what you [do] for the community.” — Rik W. 14 December 2019

“Many thanks for the great job you are doing in keeping us firearms users up to date on what is happening across Canada. I really appreciate it.” — John J., 16 December 2019

“Thanks for all the info you put out…read it religiously.” — Michael C., 26 January 2020

“THANKYOU!!!” — Kevin C., 28 January 2020

“Great stuff, Nico! You do such a massive service for our community. I am sure you are a big reason why the petition is number 1!!” — Kate S., 01 February 2020

“Thank you for your commitment to our sport and our rights.” — Robert M., 07 February 2020

“Thank you for all that you are doing. It’s very refreshing to see people stand up for their beliefs.” — Robert E., 09 February 2020

“I know you feel like a one man team, but there are folks all across this country that appreciate all you and your support team are doing. Thanks again for being the voice we all need.” — Gerry H., 17 August 2019. “Thank you for your continued devotion to the cause, for your editorials journalism and fight for our rights and privilege of owning and enjoying our guns.” — Gerry H., 22 February 2020. “Keep up the good fight on all of our behalf’s, your editorials, your interviews, and work in getting the word out on gun issues in our country has been heroic and sacrificial to say the least. You, Nicolas, are a trailblazer to the cause, you have picked up the torch and ran the good race, you have not passed the torch, but carried it for the gun owners and sportsman of this nation. For this we are grateful beyond words.” — Gerry H., 29 June 2020. “… You have championed the cause for all of us, you have tirelessly been the voice of hundreds of thousands of Canadian sportsman and women, I’m sure you have missed birthdays, and dinners at home, and Sunday afternoons with your family, all for people like me that you have never met, we, all of us who enjoy the privilege of gun ownership In Canada, (or did) want to thank you for all you have done on our behalf, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and of course our Gun cabinets, you my friend are a true Canadian hero.”—Gerry H., 14 December 2023

“Thanks for your hard work.” — Jason C., 01 March 2020

“Thanks for the good work you do at TheGunBlog, always a good read to keep on top of what’s going on!” — Robert S., 26 March 2020la

“Thank you for the great work much appreciated, especially in these time.” — Mike P., 18 April 2020

“You are one of the best and strongest advocates I know for our cause.” — Randall M., 02 May 2020

“Thank you for your years of diligence and hard work on behalf of freedom.” — Graham D., 04 May 2020

“As a subscriber, I wanted to thank you for all your hard work… As gun enthusiast, I really appreciate all your insight into the gun industry/ politics/ and what’s around the corner… every night I look for your emails to keep me up to date on everything gun related…  We need YOU now more than ever.” — J.M., 05 May 2020

“J’apprécie ce que vous faites pour nous.” — J.M., 09 May 2020

“Thank you for the excellent work on” — Pat B., 09 May 2020

“Hi Nicolas, thank you for all the information you are providing to folks who participate in the shooting sports.” — Randall W., 13 May 2020

“Thank you for all that you do for us at” — Kevin M., 16 May 2020

“I appreciate your emails and the work you do to keep us informed.” — Patrick P., 20 May 2020

“Thank you for all your hard work concerning firearms ownership and rights!” — Chris H. 27 May 2020

“I’m not rich, but I like to give you guys a bit of money. I like to look after you guys, because you guys are looking after us.” — Jack B., 04 June 2020

“Thanks, I really appreciate the work you are doing to keep us informed. It just gets so disheartening with the constant attacks on law abiding gun owners who continue to be villainized by the media and anti gun groups and the current government. If anything can be a positive it is the good information you provide and the uniting of the responsible gun owners. Take care and thanks!” — Jason T., 06 June 2020

“I became interested in your ‘GUN BLOG,’ because I finally was reading information that was factual … had been researched … and had the very sweat of an individual….who wanted to actually inform and possibly HELP us as gun owners. NO ONE.!!! … HAS EVER DONE THAT IN MY OPINION IN THE PAST … NO ONE.!@! …. The small amount of $$$$s I have sent you … gives me the feeling … FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER … that finally there is someone out there … serious about protecting my RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS, with information ALL GUN OWNERS … should be reading. … In short, at the moment, Nicolas, YOU ARE THE BEST SOURCE FOR FACTUAL INFORMATION … AND THE BEST BANG OF THE GUN OWNERS BUCK.!!!! With Respect.” — Ron S., 19 June 2020

“Thank you for all the great work that you do.” — Gregg M., 29 June 2020

“Thank you, @TheGunBlog, for the factual reporting on this issue. We appreciate it!” — Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights, 13 July 2020

“Thanks for the work you do, it’s truly invaluable, I am using much of your research in my challenge.” — Christine G., 13 July 2020

“I would also like to thank you for your hard work and I have drawn upon your excellent research and writing skills a number of times to help keep our members informed with accurate and useful information.” — Scott S., 14 July 2020

“Excellent coverage of the important issue of the week. I encourage everyone to support The Gun Blog and become a subscriber. This s tremendous source for factual up to date news in Canada.” — Edward Burlew, 27 July 2020

“I keep reading your most interesting ‘Gun Blog’ and wish to help with your ongoing work.” — Joe S., 29 July 2020

“I’m happy to support your work – [My wife] and I love reading your articles!!” — Edward M., 31 July 2020

“Thank you Nicolas for the outstanding work you do and the invaluable support you provide to the firearms community especially during these tumultuous times.” — Brian S., 11 August 2020

“Thank you for your tireless investigations and spot-on assessment.” — Dave B., 14 August 2020

“We’ve found your site to be a great resource in the past and appreciate all the hard work your team must put in to it.” — One of the lawyers fighting the 01 May 2020 confiscation Order in Council, 17 August 2020

“An Excellent article from our friends over @TheGunBlog highlighting Mr. Hipwells activity in his fight.” — Wolverine Supplies via Instagram, 20 August 2020

“You have united us, through your words, to help us to achieve a common goal. I am very grateful for your commitment and willingness to help others. Thank you.” — Gordon W., 20 August 2020

“I admire your work.” — Dave T., 30 August 2020

“For the latest Canadian firearm news, happenings, and stats make sure you are following 👉 @TheGunBlog” — Canada’s Gun Store, 11 September 2020

“Thanks for keeping on top of all things surrounding our Sport Shooting Communities.” — Robert A., 17 September 2020

“Thank you for the important work you do.” — Mike W., 07 October 2020

“Thanks for all your efforts for our community.” — James K., 18 October 2020

“Thanks for being there.” O. K., 19 October 2020

“Thanks for what you do and keep trucking.” — Ed A., 16 November 2020

“Thanks for all you do for our community and for the generosity you afforded me personally.” — Darryl M., 20 November 2020

“What I really want to say is ‘Thank You’ for all of the superb work that you do, and best wishes for a Merry Christmas.” — Jim D., 30 November 2020

“Hi Nicolas. Another year has gone by ,and I wanted you to know how important you are and appreciated. I thank you for all your hard work. I’m grateful you are standing up and challenging those whom wish to trample our Charter rights. Keep up the great work you are preforming for your fellow Canadians. Best wishes during this holiday season.” — Ralf S., 01 December 2020

“Thanks for all your good for the firearm community.” — Boyd C., 21 December 2020

“I appreciate everything you’re doing to keep up the good fight on our communities behalf.” — P.K. (Gun Store Co-Owner), 22 December 2020

“The work you do is commendable, thank-you for everything!” — N.E. (Gun Store Owner), 23 December 2020

“Thank you for all the hard work for the hunting/sport shooting community.” — Matt D., 10 January 2021

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