Privacy Policy

Newest update of this page: 30 September 2020

Privacy & Security

  • works aggressively to protect your privacy, anonymity, and data security.
  • We invest in the best hardware, software, systems, tools and processes at our disposal.
  • We maximize privacy settings and minimize the number of web trackers, what the surveillance industry calls “cookies.”
  • The owner of is an advocate for personal privacy and anonymity.
  • We recommend using tools and technology that promote privacy.

Personal Information

  • asks subscribers and members for your e-mail address.
  • won’t ask for your name, address or location. (The donation system asks for a first name. You can enter anything.)
  • We use your e-mail addresses to share information relevant and related to, such as managing subscriptions and memberships and e-mailing you updates and newsletters.
  • doesn’t store your name or credit-card info on our servers. That is handled by our payment processor, Stripe.
  • We will never sell, rent, reveal or abuse your personal information.


  • Risks exist from our reliance on many software applications and services.
  • Risks exist from the possibility of deliberate hacks or malicious attacks.
  • Even if is hacked, we believe the risk to you would be limited since the only subscriber data we store is e-mail addresses.
  • uses many companies and services that may access your personal information (e-mail) or track web visits. The main ones:
    • Amazon (if you log in via Store)
    • ChartMogul (payment tracking)
    • Cloudflare (content distribution)
    • GiveWP (payments)
    • Google, including Google Analytics (tracking), Google Fonts (fonts), Gmail (e-mail)
    • Mailchimp (e-mail)
    • PayPal (payments: accesses e-mail and credit card)
    • Restrict Content Pro (publishing, memberships)
    • Stripe (payments: access to e-mail, credit card and IP address)
    • WordPress (publishing), and WordPress add-ons/plugins

Contacting Us By E-Mail

  • If you e-mail us, we consider it private and confidential.
  • We expect the same consideration from you.