Trudeau Orders Immediate Rifle Bans, Promises ‘Grandfathering’ — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today ordered federally licensed gun owners to surrender many of our rifles to police within two years, while promising to allow “grandfathering” for confiscation at death.

Gun Ban Plan

  • Criminalize owners immediately with a two-year “amnesty” (Stay Out of Jail card)
  • Re-classify many “Non-restricted” and “Restricted” rifles and carbines as “Prohibited”
  • Turn guns into “safe queens” until confiscation
  • Order forced surrender by one of two methods:
    1. “Grandfathering”: Confiscation at death without compensation
    2. “Buyback”: Confiscation by 30 April 2022 with compensation

No Warning

The immediate prohibitions turned us into criminals under amnesty with a Stay Out of Jail card expiring on 30 April 2022.

Confiscation, Fast or Slow

The governing Liberal Party is forcing the targeted hunters, farmers, ranchers, sport shooters and collectors to make a stark choice to avoid jail:

  • Slow Confiscation: Keep our newly banned guns locked at home as “safe queens” for confiscation at death, what the Liberals call “grandfathering,” or
  • Fast Confiscation: Surrender the firearms to police by 30 April 2022 for payment, what the Liberals call “buyback.”

Canada Gazette

The Liberals said the following today in the Regulatory Impact Analysis of the ban in the Canada Gazette, the official government newsletter:

The Government intends to implement a buy-back program, which would allow affected owners to declare their intent to deliver their firearms to a police officer. The buy-back would compensate affected owners for the value of their firearms after they are delivered to a police officer. An option to participate in a grandfathering regime would also be made available for affected owners.

Source: Canada Gazette, SOR/2020-96, 01 May 2020

Trudeau Wreckage

Confiscation-at-death will appeal to many people as the least-horrible option in the prohibitionist wreckage Trudeau unleashed “effective immediately.”

It’s worthless to the stores, manufacturers, clubs, ranges and trainers that went out of business today, as the Liberals work to disarm citizens, cripple the firearm industry and kill the shooting sports.

Besides ending athletic careers and wiping out hundreds of millions of dollars in personal and family wealth, Trudeau is destroying jobs in the middle of Canada’s worst health and economic crisis.

Trudeau Quote

Trudeau criminalized people among the 2.2 million adults and 4,400 businesses with a federal firearm licence, accusing us of being mass murderers and terrorists.

He said at a media briefing:

Today, we are closing the market for military-grade assault weapons in Canada.

These weapons were designed for one purpose, and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.

So, effective immediately, it is no longer permitted to buy, sell, transport, import, or use military-grade assault weapons in this country.

Source: Justin Trudeau, Media Briefing via CPAC TV on YouTube, 01 May 2020

New Prohibitions

The Liberals will eliminate almost every firearm design of the past century, including some of the world’s most-popular guns.

They will seize and destroy many centrefire, semi-automatic rifles and carbines fed by a detachable ammunition magazine, plus bolt actions and .22LR rimfires.

Ban List

They listed the following firearms and 1,500 related models:

  • AR-10
  • AR-15, M4, M16
  • Beretta Cx4 Storm
  • CSA Vz. 58
  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3
  • CZ 858
  • Robinson Armament XCR
  • Ruger Mini-14
  • SIG Sauer MCX
  • SIG Sauer MPX
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22
  • Springfield Armory M14, M1A
  • Swiss Arms Classic Green and Four Seasons
  • .50 BMG, .460 Weatherby Magnum

Source: Canada Gazette, SOR/2020-96, 01 May 2020

Harding: ‘It Seems Wrong’

“I just bought certain firearms on the list that I haven’t even taken to shoot yet,” said Allan Harding, a national pistol champion from rural British Columbia who also enjoys non-competitive shooting. “Out where I live, it seems wrong that I can’t go to the range and shoot my rifle.”

Handgun Owners Next

In addition to this national confiscation of rifles, the Liberals are preparing the municipal confiscation of all registered handguns.

‘Grandfathering’ Details Later

The Department of Public Safety said in a technical briefing today:

  • Government intends to offer owners the choice of either grandfathering or compensation if they surrender the firearm.

  • Details on grandfathering and compensation will be announced later, once details have been decided.
  • Owners will then have to declare their choice of complying through grandfathering or surrendering for compensation, before end of amnesty.

Source: Department of Public Safety, Technical Briefing, 01 May 2020

Mounting Opposition

Shooters, businesses, provincial premiers and police across Canada have opposed confiscations from the start.

A grassroots movement to stop them led to the No. 1 online petition in parliamentary history.

Early Warning

Trudeau’s 2019 election attack to force the confiscation of 250,000 rifles within two years extended decades of attempts by the Liberals to end or restrict private firearm ownership.

He accelerated the push in August 2018, instructing Minister Bill Blair to study a “full ban on handguns and assault weapons.”

Blair outlined the gist of today’s assault in an interview with the Globe and Mail last June.

Many gun owners still vote Liberal, or for fringe parties that help them get elected.

Technical Briefing