‘Tough on Crime’ Policies Won’t Stop Gangs: Jordana Goldlist

26 Dec 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Jordana Goldlist, a gun-rights advocate and criminal-defence lawyer in Toronto, says “getting tough on crime” won’t stop violent individuals and gangs. In the following Q&A she shares some of her insights from defending clients against charges related to murder, armed robbery, guns and drugs. Goldlist runs her own firm, JHG Criminal Law. She is…

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Ed Burlew: A Gun Ban Means Government Has Lost Trust in the RCMP

11 Dec 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Edward Burlew, a leading Canadian firearm lawyer, said any new gun bans by the government would mean it had lost confidence in the federal police’s ability to manage gun safety. He made the comment in a series of points by e-mail on Dec. 9 after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police published its 2017…

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Dear Mayor Tory, Help Police Without Hurting Athletes: Nils Ek

14 Nov 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Nils Ek, a Canadian national pistol competitor, sent the following letter to Toronto Mayor John Tory after the mayor renewed his call to ban handguns from sport shooters across Canada. He sent the letter last week and gave TheGunBlog.ca permission to publish it. Ek’s top scores are in 25-metre and 50-metre pistol shooting single…

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Silence Is No Longer a Luxury, Guns Are an Equalizer: Sue Green

3 Oct 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — “This is the first time I’ve gone public as a gun owner. … As much as I was content being discreet, I strongly believe we need to change gun culture in Canada and I don’t have that luxury anymore. None of us do.” Read the rest of the guest article by Sue Green.

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How Quiet Gun Owners Become Former Gun Owners

20 Sep 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Gun owners believe keeping a low profile will guarantee our survival. It’s more likely to guarantee our extinction.

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I Am a Feminist, and I Support Gun Rights: Ariane Bakhtiar

19 Sep 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — “I was assaulted. After the assault, I expected the male figures in my life to protect me (my partner, my father, the police). What I came to realize is that to empower myself I needed to learn how to defend myself.” Continue reading the letter by Ariane Bakhtiar of Toronto.

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‘Gun Violence’ and Other Phrases Smart Shooters Never Use

7 Sep 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — The way we talk about guns shapes our perceptions and politics. Here are 14 expressions that smart shooters never use.

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Editorial From 1921 Gun Magazine Shows Same Challenges as Today

25 Aug 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — The more things change, the more they stay the same. The editorial in the March 1921 edition of Rod and Gun in Canada shows gun owners face the same challenges today as a century ago.

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The Scary Part Isn’t a Gun Ban, It’s That Our Leaders Want One

21 Aug 2018

(Correction, 24 Aug. 02:55 Ottawa time: Corrects number of firearms being confiscated under Firearms Act and removes linked PDF with incorrect info.) TheGunBlog.ca — The scary thing about living in Canada today isn’t only the threat of gun confiscation, it’s that our leaders want it so badly and nobody is standing in the way.

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‘I Hope He Isn’t One of Us’: When ‘Good Guys’ Go Bad

10 Aug 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — I’m crying again. Four people were shot dead this morning in Fredericton, New Brunswick, including two police officers. No other info yet. I want to vomit. I want to comfort the families. I want to protect the people I love. I want the killer to pay. And I hope he isn’t one of…

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Be Dangerous: Jordan Peterson, Robert Heinlein, ‘Act of Valor’

4 Aug 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Following are quotes on being dangerous by Jordan Peterson, a novel by Robert Heinlein, the movie “Act of Valor,” and others. #BeDangerous Act of Valor (2012), Directed by Mike McCoy and Scott Waugh Before my father died, he said the worst thing about growing old was that other men stopped seeing you as dangerous.…

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Voices: Sport Shooters, Groups Respond to Possible Handgun Ban

27 Jul 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Following are comments by Canadian shooters, associations, manufacturers and others across Canada about a possible government ban on handguns. (Updated 07 August.)

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CSAAA’s Wes Winkel Comments on Firearm Policy, Regulation, Crime

25 Jul 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Following are comments on gun policy and crime by Wes Winkel, the head of Canada’s main firearm-industry group, and the owner of one of the country’s largest independent gun stores.

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Toronto Danforth Attack: Thoughts as Anti-Gun Campaign Heats Up

24 Jul 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — A man shot 2 people to death and injured 13 others on July 22 along Danforth Avenue in Toronto. The attacker died of gunshot wounds fired by himself or by police, we don’t know. Here are some personal reflections on the attack and what lies ahead for federally licensed gun owners.

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Five Categories of People Who Use Guns

24 May 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Gun policy in Canada and other countries fails in part because it takes an approach of “one size fits all.” Using a single legal-institutional framework backfires because people use guns for different motivations and goals, and in different ways. Here are five broad categories of gun users who would benefit from different policies.

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My Call to Goodale on Bill C-71: I Was Anxious, But It Was Easy

27 Apr 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — I was anxious the first time I phoned a member of cabinet. It was two weeks ago, when I called Canadian Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale to oppose Bill C-71. Turns out it was a piece of cake. Here’s how it went.

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Trudeau Tweet on PALs Isn’t Totally False, Just Totally Wrong

21 Mar 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drew a flood of criticism after saying on Twitter that you can legally buy a gun without showing your firearm licence. But Trudeau is correct. Sort of.

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Anti-Gun Law Outlook: Today’s Gun & Gang Summit, and Beyond

7 Mar 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — The Canadian government is getting ready to propose the first anti-gun laws since the punitive Firearms Act of 1995. Here’s what happened at today’s gun and gang conference in Ottawa, and an outlook for what’s next.

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Shoppers Drug Mart Pulls ‘Recoil’ After Toronto Ex-Mayor Tweets

21 Feb 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — It’s disappointing that Shoppers Drug Mart Corp., Canada’s largest drugstore chain, will stop selling Recoil magazine after a tweet by a former mayor of Toronto. The idea of boycotting anti-gun companies is appealing, but it’s unrealistic for most of us, and going to a competitor might be worse.

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SHOT Show 2018 Round Up: Aimpoint to Walther Via Surefire

28 Jan 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Here are some people, products, companies and humour that caught my attention this week at SHOT Show, the world’s biggest trade expo for the firearm industry.

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