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Is Statistics Canada Overstating ‘Firearm-Related Homicides’?

(Update 14 May 2018: Adds data on automatic firearms and “firearm-like weapons” in ninth paragraph.) — Statistics Canada’s annual homicide report counted 223 “firearm-related homicides” last year. Data tables accompanying the publication show 30 of them, or 13.5 percent, may not involve guns at all.


Handgun Imports From Austria Surge (Correction)

(Correction 07 September 2019: Removes industry executive’s comments about importer.) Canada imported 5,481 handguns valued at $1.49 million from Austria in April, data released today by Statistics Canada showed, more than any month since April 2001. In all of 2016, 1,949 revolvers and pistols valued at $811,046 came from Austria. The data don’t show who made the guns…

RCMP Says 1,182 Gun Licences Don’t Have Photos, CCFR Reports

The RCMP said 1,182 people in Canada have gun licences without photos because of a religious exemption, the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights reported, citing the national police. The shooters’ rights group had asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for the number following a video last month by The Rebel, Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!, that suggested the…


More Than 90,000 Canadians Are Allowed to Carry Guns Every Day

(Update 06 May 2018: Updated chart and notes. 20 May 2017: Added new info under Additions.) More than 90,000 Canadians are authorized to carry loaded guns on their person in daily life, mainly for self-defence against human attackers. More than 90 percent are civilian police and law enforcement, or military. If they were all on duty at…


Top Guns of YouTube: Demolition Ranch Surges, FPS Russia Stops

Demolition Ranch is the new king of YouTube gun channels as it attracts subscribers faster than anyone else in the top 20. In just the past six months, it has overtaken FullMag and hickok45. FPS Russia still leads by total subscribers, but hasn’t published a video since April 2016. It ranks last for subscriber growth. Range Time…

Did You Know? Canada Has More Than 4,500 Firearms Businesses

Did you know? According to the RCMP Commissioner of Firearms report for 2015: As of December 31, 2015, there were 4,522 firearms businesses in Canada licensed under the Firearms Act, not including carriers and museums. Of these, 2,117 were licensed to sell only ammunition. That’s a lot of jobs for a lot of people, from small businesses to big corporations….

‘Restricted’ Gun Licences Rose to 497,686 at June 30

The number of Canadian licences for handguns, AR-15 rifles and other so-called “restricted” firearms rose to 497,686 at the end of June, the RCMP said today in an e-mailed response to questions by That’s an increase of 26,163 from Dec. 31, and the highest level on record. At that rate, the number of “restricted”…