Polytechnique Is Unrelated to Gun Control in Google Search

Canada Guns Firearms Google Search Polytechnique Gun ControlEvery year, a group uses the anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique massacre of Dec. 6, 1989, for its anti-gun marketing blitz. While Canadian shooters brace for the annual campaign, an analysis of Google searches suggests most people don’t connect Polytechnique with gun control.

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Gun Licences, Handguns and AR-15s Rose to Records in October

Canada Handguns AR-15 Rifles Restricted Guns Firearms Rise to Record High

Dec. 5 (TheGunBlog.ca) — Here’s some bright news on this dark anniversary: The number of Canadians with gun licences rose to a record in October, and individual ownership of handguns and AR-15 rifles climbed by more than 1,000 a week to a new high.

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How Much Does a Gun Cost in Canada?

Factoid: The average price of a gun in Canada is $564, based on official statistics and some assumptions.

That information and the rest of this article won’t help you budget your next purchase or the cost of getting into shooting or hunting. It probably won’t help you with anything at all, unless you enjoy geeking out about firearms and data about them.

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RCMP’s Top Gun Suppliers 2016: Colt Canada, M.D. Charlton, S&W

Canada RCMP Gun Suppliers Firearms Weapons

Colt Canada Corp. was the RCMP’s biggest supplier of guns last year, as Canada’s national police equipped officers with AR-15 rifles. M.D. Charlton Co., which sells SIG Sauer, Mossberg and Winchester among its brands, came second, followed by Smith & Wesson Corp. in third place.

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Andrew Scheer, Maxime Bernier, Guns and Politics: Reflections

Conservative Party Canada Leadership Guns Firearms Andrew Scheer
Screenshot of first-round vote for Conservative Party of Canada leader, 27 May 2017. Source: Conservative.ca

Andrew Scheer wasn’t my first choice to lead the Conservative Party of Canada, until party members elected him last night. Now, Scheer is my guy and I want him to be prime minister.

Following are some thoughts on what just happened and what comes next.

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