Handgun Imports From Austria Surge (Correction)

(Correction 07 September 2019: Removes industry executive’s comments about importer.)

Canada imported 5,481 handguns valued at $1.49 million from Austria in April, data released today by Statistics Canada showed, more than any month since April 2001.

In all of 2016, 1,949 revolvers and pistols valued at $811,046 came from Austria. The data don’t show who made the guns or brought them in, and don’t show a breakdown between pistols and revolvers.

This April’s handgun imports from Austria were also the highest of any month for any country besides the U.S. since April 2001, when 2,695 guns valued at $1.54 million entered Canada from Austria. Steyr Mannlicher GmbH is also based in Austria and makes handguns. The retail value of firearms is typically about 30 percent higher than the import value.

Austria was the No. 2 source of handgun imports in April, behind the U.S.’s $2.97 million, which included 509 firearms from Georgia valued at $270,800. Switzerland was the No. 3 source, with 112 handguns valued at $165,074.

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