’Tis the Day Before Christmas — Gun Ban Edition

24 Dec 2018 —   ’Tis the day before Christmas, and all through the land Every gunnie is watching for any sign of the ban. Semi-autos, “assault weapons” and all of our Glocks Are threatened with extinction by the Man With the Socks. Smiths and Berettas and AR-15s, too. If it’s black with a trigger, he’ll take…

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PAL Application Form Written as a Letter (Humour)

18 Oct 2018 — Canadians need a licence authorized by the federal police to legally buy, sell, own or transport any gun, and to buy ammunition. Here’s a humorous take on what a licence application might say if it were written as a letter.

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‘Gun Violence’ and Other Phrases Smart Shooters Never Use

7 Sep 2018 — The way we talk about guns shapes our perceptions and politics. Here are 14 expressions that smart shooters never use.

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27 Mar 2018
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23 Mar 2018
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Roses are red.Our guns are black.If you've got a PAL,We've got your back

18 Mar 2018
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Oops: Liberals Show Gang Crime Surging Since They Took Power

7 Mar 2018 — Gang murder is heavy, so this is light: Canada’s Liberal-led government shared a series of charts today showing that gang killings and “gun homicides” have surged since the party took office at the end of 2015. That wasn’t their intent.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Canadian Gunnies, Bribery Edition

23 Dec 2017 — Looking for a Christmas gift for someone who doesn’t have a gun licence? Here are a few ideas for Canadian shooters and hunters. Some of them have strings attached.

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Gun Control for Dummies: Memes, Cartoons, Humour

6 Dec 2017
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Humour: I Have a Gun Problem. I Don’t Have Enough of Them

9 Nov 2017

I have a gun problem. I don’t have enough of them.

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Anti-Gun Government Advisor Thanks Trudeau for Old Quebec Data

10 Jun 2017

An anti-gun campaigner and government advisor thanked the government for helping to provide Quebec with inaccurate, incomplete and obsolete data on licensed gun owners, saying the flawed list will make people safer.

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Meme: How to Win Heart, Mind of Enemy? ‘2 to Heart, 1 to Mind’

5 Jun 2017

“Mommy, how do we win the hearts and minds of our enemies?”

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Hoplotheists Need a Religious Exemption From the Firearms Act

26 May 2017

Canada accommodates people of all religions, except Hoplotheists1, members of the Church of Pew-Pewphilia. Read the main tenets of Hoplotheism below, then take the poll.

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Hitler Buys a Gun in Canada: Funny Video Should Be Mandatory

26 Mar 2017

This could be the funniest video in Canadian firearms history. If you watch only one video today, make it this one.

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Travel Tip: Don’t Bring Spent Brass in Your Carry-On, Like I Did

2 Feb 2017

Heading home from this week’s gun-industry trade show in Calgary, I was at the airport waiting for my luggage to come through the X-ray when the image of a relatively large brass cartridge case in my carry-on luggage caught the eye of the screening agent.

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Happy 30-06 !

30 Jun 2016

© 2016

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Homicide Stats Show It’s Time to Ban Knives

25 Nov 2015

Stabbing was again the leading method of homicide in 2014, Statistics Canada said today, so it’s time to ban knives.

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Blame the User, Not the Tool

30 Aug 2015

I was inspired by a signature line I saw today on, Canada’s main online discussion forum for firearms. “If guns cause crime, then mine are defective.” We’ve got to remember to place responsibility on the user, not the tool. © 2015

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Times Only Gun Lovers Will Understand

29 Aug 2015

When I’m asked to schedule meetings or appointments, I suggest times like these: 9 2:23 3:08 5:56 7:62 Some people think those times are a bit odd, especially the last one. But my friends understand. © 2015

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I Just Caught a Severe Case of Gear-Itis

1 May 2015

I just caught a severe case of gear-itis. Gear overload. Gear overwhelm.

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