’Tis the Day Before Christmas — Gun Ban Edition

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’Tis the day before Christmas, and all through the land
Every gunnie is watching for any sign of the ban.

Semi-autos, “assault weapons” and all of our Glocks
Are threatened with extinction by the Man With the Socks.

Smiths and Berettas and AR-15s, too.
If it’s black with a trigger, he’ll take it from you.

Even the cops said a ban seems a bit forced.
(They forgot to count police thefts under “domestically sourced.”)

The year began with the summit, then Bill C-71.
It’s ending with PM Selfie looking to seize every gun.

First through the House, and now in the Senate
While the mayor of Toronto keeps quacking, “Ban it!

They say gang crime is rising all over the place.
Are they seizing our guns to keep gang members safe?

Bans will boost the black market and hurt every store.
The only sure winner is Mike from Canmore.

The prime minister’s staff implored him to reason.
Criminalizing good people is too close to treason.

“It’s useless for safety, as we said in our notes.”
“I don’t care about safety, I care about votes!”

Santa offers some hope, without being mean:
We elect our new leader in 2019.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from TheGunBlog.ca!




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