Self-Defence With Guns: Alberta Watchdog Decision Shows Criteria — Alberta’s police watchdog said today an RCMP officer “acted reasonably” in self-defence by shooting at a suspected violent criminal in 2017. Why It Matters Many people don’t know that Canadian law recognizes the legitimate use of force for protection against human attackers, including potentially deadly force using guns and ammunition. Today’s two-page press…

How to Pick a City Councillor in 15 Minutes to Avoid a Gun Ban — Residents of Ontario, home to more than one-fourth of Canada’s registered gun owners, vote Oct. 22 for their mayors, municipal councillors and school-board trustees. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to avoid electing a gun grabber if you have to make a quick decision and have zero clue about the candidates.

Defence Is Counter-Ambush Since Attack Is a Surprise: Rob Pincus

No matter how much we think about personal defence and train our minds and bodies to respond to possible violence in daily life, we’ve got to remember that any attack will come as a surprise. Rob Pincus, who trains people to protect themselves with guns, suggests we think about defence as counter-ambush.

How Long and How Much for a Gun Licence in Canada?

(COVID-19 Update, 16 April 2020: The licensing system is shut down at the moment, so the timelines here don’t apply. See my Covid-19 news. Subscribe at the bottom for updates.) — Fodollah (his username on Reddit) of Toronto got his gun licence this week after roughly four months and almost $500. Congratulations! asked him…

Dear RCMP, Lawyer: Can We Keep Guns at Cottage, Storage Locker?

The Internet turns up conflicting opinions on whether it’s legal in Canada to store guns at a cottage, with a friend, or in a storage locker, so asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who administer the Canadian Firearms Program, and Pierre Plourde, a criminal-defence lawyer and gun-rights activist.

Getting It Right: It’s Not a Browning ‘Hi-Power’ or ‘High Power’

(Update 05 Jan. 2021: Browning’s website began using a hyphen consistently in “Hi-Power” some time after we published this article. The Internet Archive provides a snapshot of the webpage when we wrote it.) — One of the world’s most-popular pistols is based on a design by John Browning of the U.S. and was completed…

What Does ‘Unloaded’ Mean?

What is a “loaded” or an “unloaded” firearm? It’s a simple question, and the answer might seem obvious to you. But if you listen to different people in different parts of the world, you’ll get different answers. Knowing the difference between a “loaded” and “unloaded” gun is essential to its safe and skilled handling. Knowing how…


I Just Bought My First Gun. Now What?

(This is the first of a series of posts about buying, owning, transporting, storing and using firearms. Think of it as: “What They Don’t Teach You in the Firearms Course.”) I just bought my first gun. Now what do I do? After three years of imagining, thinking, considering, evaluating, planning, analyzing, anticipating, reviewing, testing and…