Trudeau and Blair’s AR-15 Bashing Puts Police in a Pickle

TheGunBlog.ca — If Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair are right about the AR-15 rifle, Canadians should be scrambling to protect themselves against imminent massacres by police.

Almost every police cruiser in Canada is equipped with a semi-automatic AR-15, Blue Line, the country’s police magazine, reported in December 2017.

AR-15s Galore

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police alone have about 5,500 of the rifles made by Colt Canada, equipped with standard 30-round ammunition magazines. Municipal departments from Vancouver to Toronto to Halifax also keep AR-15s handy. So do provincial conservation officers.

Law-enforcement agencies across the country are buying more.

Thankfully, Prime Minister Trudeau and his governing Liberal Party are alerting everyone to the motives behind the stockpiling.

‘Kill the Largest Number’

“We know you do not need a military-grade assault weapon — one designed to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time — to take down a deer,” Trudeau said Sept. 20 at a press briefing in Toronto.

He was outlining a series of election-campaign promises, including the incarceration of private AR-15 owners unless they surrender their guns.

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‘Killing of Enemy Combatants’

“Firearms like the the AR-15 aren’t toys,” Blair, Trudeau’s minister for gun confiscation against hunters and sport shooters, said on Twitter the same day. “Rather, they’re designed to be efficient in the killing of enemy combatants.”

Blair knows first hand what police intend with their AR-15s. He is the former chief of the Toronto police, Canada’s biggest municipal force.

‘Designed to Hunt People’

“Assault-style rifles are military weapons designed to hunt people, and not animals, in the most efficient manner possible that maximizes the body count at minimum effort,” Blair’s office told The Canadian Press in May.

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police said they want a monopoly on AR-15s.

Reserved for Police

“Ontario’s police leaders support a prohibition on all military-designed assault rifles,” the OACP said Sept. 25 on its website. “In our view, these weapons have no place in our communities and should be reserved for use by Canada’s military and law enforcement.”

The warnings by Trudeau and Blair are clear: The police are a serious threat to public safety.