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Homicide Stats Show It’s Time to Ban Knives

Stabbing was again the leading method of homicide in 2014, Statistics Canada said today, so it’s time to ban knives.

Last year, killers stabbed 188 victims to death, compared with the 156 they shot to death and 95 they beat to death, Statistics Canada said in a report today. Stabbing has been the most-frequent method of homicide in all but two years since 2006.

It’s time to take urgent and immediate action against the knife crime and knife violence that is the scourge of our society, and to get knives off our streets. Knives are designed to cut and stab, and have no place in a peaceful, civilized society.

We urgently need to use the Twitter hashtag #knifesense and to create a few organizations to raise awareness of this issue:

  • Canadian Coalition for Knife Control
  • Mothers Against Knife Violence
  • Cook With Love, Not Knives

If we don’t ban knives, then we need to at least introduce the Knife Possession and Acquisition Licence (KPAL). Since knives are more dangerous than guns, a KPAL should be harder to obtain than a Firearms Possession and Acquisition Licence.

Obtaining an Authorization To Transport a knife should also be more difficult than getting an Authorization To Transport a firearm.

Reminder: Obtaining a full firearms licence requires taking three days of courses, passing two theoretical and practical exams, submitting an application to the police and passing a police background check. The whole process typically takes at least four months.

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