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Most Canadians, Especially Liberal Voters, Want to Criminalize All Gun Owners, Leger Poll Shows

TheGunBlog.ca — A majority of Canadians favour criminalizing all gun owners, with Liberal Party supporters showing the highest hostility among the three largest political parties, according to an opinion poll published this week by Leger.

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Liberals Air New Video Ads in Campaign Against Gun Owners As Election Looms

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s Liberal Party-led government is promoting its political and regulatory attacks against gun owners with new video ads and an updated webpage focused on violent crime, as media reports say an election is imminent.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 January 11

– In Memoriam: Dennis Young
– CCFR Says It ‘Is Over $1 Million Into’ Into Fight to Stop Liberal-RCMP Crackdown
– How Canada’s Liberals Exploiting the U.S. Capitol Riot Will Further Hurt Gun Owners
– Trudeau’s Follow-Up Mandate Letter to Freeland Doesn’t Mention Guns
– Register to Watch Next Week’s Federal Court Hearing to Stop the OIC
– Alberta Posts Job for Chief Provincial Firearms Officer

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 December 21

Highlights This Week
– Attorney General of Canada Responds in Section 74 Application: PDF
– Attorney General: Over 140 Gun Owners Have Applied for Section 74 Court Hearings to Fight ‘Nullification’
– Liberals Stop Mentioning ‘Grandfathering’ As Confiscation Option
– Liberals Invite Candidates for Next Election
– Calgary Police Say January Shooting Deemed ‘Non-Culpable Homicide’

NFA Buys Full-Page Ad in The Hill Times to Tell MPs: ‘We Vote’

TheGunBlog.ca — Canada’s National Firearms Association bought a full-page ad in today’s edition of The Hill Times newspaper, as the House of Commons starts up and the governing Liberal Party outlines its priorities. The minimalist, mostly black design is dominated by a simple message for the 338 members of parliament who are hired and fired…

Green Party’s Amita Kuttner Seeks Better Justice for Gun Owners

TheGunBlog.ca — Amita Kuttner is pledging greater justice for Canada’s millions of hunters, farmers, sport shooters and gun collectors if they win the Green Party’s leadership contest in October. Below is an exclusive short Q&A with Kuttner’s campaign manager, followed by their firearm platform. It includes recognizing “home defence as reasonable legal grounds for firearm…

Blair’s Office Can’t Justify His AR-15 Comment to House

TheGunBlog.ca — The office of Bill Blair, Canada’s minister in charge of firearm policy, couldn’t provide evidence for his AR-15 comments this week to the House of Commons, the newest case of his false assertions about gun ownership. Why It Matters What Happened TheGunBlog.ca asked Blair’s office at the Ministry of Public Safety for examples…

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Conservative Leadership Election: Quick Take Before Next Week’s Debates

TheGunBlog.ca — Here’s an update and analysis of the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership election, and what it means for gun owners.

Update June 14: An analysis published June 14 by Macleans shows Liberals winning a majority as Conservative support falls.

‘Alberta’s Got Your Back,’ ‘We Need Firearms:’ MLAs on Motion 20

TheGunBlog.ca — Opposition is rising across Canada to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown against honest citizens. The Alberta government is delivering some of the strongest words and actions against Trudeau’s May 1 order for mass confiscations targeting federally licensed gun owners and businesses. Following are excerpts from an hours-long debate yesterday on Alberta Government Motion…

Election 2019: Three Realities and Four Possible Outcomes

TheGunBlog.ca — The Canadian election that kicked off this week is the most-critical vote in a generation for hunters, sport shooters and the gun industry. It will determine the future of civilian firearm ownership in our country. Here are three realities for gun owners and four possible election outcomes. They are adapted from our new…

Trudeau Says Election Plan Against Gun Owners Is Coming

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today he will present his Liberal Party’s new proposals against firearm owners when he campaigns for re-election in October on “strengthening gun control.” He didn’t mention his June plan for the largest single gun bans in Canadian history if he wins. Trudeau promises to make gun control…