‘Alberta’s Got Your Back,’ ‘We Need Firearms:’ MLAs on Motion 20

TheGunBlog.ca — Opposition is rising across Canada to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown against honest citizens.

The Alberta government is delivering some of the strongest words and actions against Trudeau’s May 1 order for mass confiscations targeting federally licensed gun owners and businesses.

Following are excerpts from an hours-long debate yesterday on Alberta Government Motion 20. It proposes to: (1) defend lawful firearm users, (2) oppose Trudeau’s attack and (3) name a provincial Chief Firearms Officer.

“We need firearms. We need firearms to protect ourselves, to protect our families.”

— MLA Nate Horner

Why It Matters

  • Shows what’s at stake at this critical point in Canadian history
  • Shows how political leaders talk about what’s at stake
  • Shows Alberta’s leadership on individual rights, the rule of law, and public safety


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Jason Nixon

Jason Nixon. Source: Alberta Legislature

Government House Leader, Proposed Motion 20

I’ve been getting correspondence since I put this motion on oral notice, on our Order Paper, from all across the country from law-abiding gun owners, encouraging us and seeing Alberta as the great hope in standing up to Justin Trudeau, like we are so many times.

And we certainly are when it comes to defending law-abiding gun owners.

Madam Speaker, through you to all law-abiding gun owners across this province and across Canada: Alberta’s got your back.

I think that as long as this motion is supported, it will take us on the track to be able to get Alberta to stand up to Justin Trudeau, to stand up to Ottawa, and stand up with our law-abiding gun owners when it comes to the property theft that has taken place in Ottawa when it comes to gun owners.

I also want to talk about the mechanism that they used.

… it’s not funny to see a federal government using orders in council with no democratic debate at all inside the House of Commons.

They’re reaching into our constituents’ homes and taking away their legally acquired property, that they bought with their money and that they’re using for legal purposes, with no reason. It won’t help with crime. That’s what Justin Trudeau did. That’s what the federal Liberals did. It’s unacceptable.

Justin Trudeau’s gun grab – it’s theft of property from Alberta’s law-abiding gun owners – will not be accepted by the Alberta government or the Alberta government caucus.

Mike Ellis

Former Calgary Police Officer

Yeah, I support this motion. I support the lawful gun owners and their right to have their guns, but what I don’t support is going after the lawful gun owners.

Ronald Orr

Masters in Theology

This new ban is all for show, and it’s all ideology.

The Liberal left agenda is to strip Canadians of the right of ownership and of the right of self-preservation. These laws do not target criminals. They target law-abiding citizens. They do not take criminals off the streets. They make legal gun owners into criminals.

Madam Speaker, these regulations are nothing more than a ploy of the Trudeau Liberals to erode legal gun ownership, and it’s no coincidence that this order was rolled out in the middle of the worst public health emergency in a century.

The Liberals wanted to hide this undemocratic order under the cover of a pandemic and use a terrible event as cover as well to try and push it forward.

Since the beginning of time tyrannical governments have sought to keep their subjects subservient by denying them the right to defend themselves, first by restricting self-defence in law and then by taking any and all weapons of self-protection away from them.

As far back as 1689 the English Bill of Rights in England allowed Protestant citizens of England to have “arms for their defence suitable to their conditions and as allowed by law” and restricted the ability of the English Crown to interfere with Protestants’ rights to bear arms. This is what the Liberals are trying to destroy and defeat.

They are trying to dismantle these basic rights that have been part of our English and western heritage for decades, for hundreds of years.

Nate Horner

Former rancher, volunteer emergency medical responder

We need firearms. We need firearms to protect ourselves, to protect our families.

The RCMP does not want to enforce this.

Many of my friends that are RCMP officers are also gun owners. They say that it’s complete BS.

To put it mildly, the law-abiding gun owners in my area are displeased, angry, and overall they feel violated due to this recent federal government decision.

To sum up their comments on this criminal ban on firearms, they have told me that it’s misguided, rushed, undemocratic, poorly written, riddled with complete ignorance, full of complete incompetence, and to top it off, it’s a violation of civil rights and completely unconstitutional, a decision that was made unilaterally and executed in a manner that avoided debate in Parliament and, in doing so, violated the right of our elected federal MPs to share their constituents’ voices in the House of Commons. As a result, they have ignored the voices of law-abiding Canadian citizens.

To top it off, this decision has been made by a federal government that has zero representation in this province.

… I want to point out one comment that was made to me by a retired RCMP officer. He was very frustrated in his e-mail. You could just tell. He’d spent his entire life standing on the front lines defending and protecting individuals across all of Alberta. He’s a sport shooter, and I’m just going to give a quick quote: I was a law-abiding gun owner, and with the stroke of a pen from Ottawa, Justin Trudeau made me a criminal, and I think that is very unfair.

Dan Williams

Former worker at construction and gravel company

I think it’s of the highest importance that we as a province stand up for our citizens and for the rule of law and stand up to a government that increasingly blunders ineptly into subject matter they have no idea on without concern for the citizens which they rule over.