Trudeau Says Election Plan Against Gun Owners Is Coming — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today he will present his Liberal Party’s new proposals against firearm owners when he campaigns for re-election in October on “strengthening gun control.”

He didn’t mention his June plan for the largest single gun bans in Canadian history if he wins.

Trudeau Quotes

  • Via The Globe and Mail: “We look forward to the next time that Parliament is sitting – hopefully under a Liberal government – where we will be able to introduce further measures to strengthen measures against guns.”
  • Via CityNews Toronto: “We know that there is more to do. That’s why we look forward to putting forward a plan that will continue to invest in controlling our guns and keeping our communities safer. And that’s exactly the thing we’re going to move forward with on a stronger mandate.”
  • Via CBC News: Trudeau said the Liberal election proposals will include “strengthening gun control.”


  • Trudeau’s comments came in part from answering questions at a media briefing today in Toronto about Mayor John Tory’s call to ban federally licensed handgun owners.
  • (All guns are banned already for everyone unless they have a firearm licence authorized by the federal police. About 2.2 million men and women have a permit.)

Background: Massive Gun Bans

  • Bill Blair, Trudeau’s minister for gun bans, in June promised the largest single firearm confiscations in Canadian history if the Liberals are re-elected.
  • They plan to seize and destroy about 200,000 rifles and/or shotguns, including so-called “Non-restricted” models, then pass new laws against handgun owners and people who keep firearms at home.
  • More Info: Liberal Gun Ban