Green Party’s Amita Kuttner Seeks Better Justice for Gun Owners

Amita Kuttner. Source: — Amita Kuttner is pledging greater justice for Canada’s millions of hunters, farmers, sport shooters and gun collectors if they win the Green Party’s leadership contest in October.

Below is an exclusive short Q&A with Kuttner’s campaign manager, followed by their firearm platform.

It includes recognizing “home defence as reasonable legal grounds for firearm possession.”

Why It Matters

  • Kuttner is the only one of nine leadership candidates with a detailed firearm policy on their website, according to a scan by
  • If they win, it could lead to a shift away from the party’s current support for confiscating and criminalizing.
  • A lot factors into choosing a party leader beyond gun policy. Study their whole platform.

Liberal-Green Confiscations

The Green Party leadership contest comes as Canada’s governing Liberal Party orders federally licensed firearm owners to surrender many of their rifles and shotguns. It’s going after handgun owners next.

The Green Party’s 2019 campaign plan also promoted confiscation: “Launch a confidential buyback program for handguns and assault weapons.”

Off-Grid Ph.D.

  • Kuttner has a Ph.D. in astronomy and astrophysics from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC), according to their website.
  • They live off-grid on Lasqueti Island, between the British Columbia mainland and Vancouver Island.

Join & Vote

  • The deadline to join the Green Party and vote for the leader is Sept. 3.
  • Anyone can participate, even if you don’t vote Green in the next general election.

Q&A With Kuttner’s Campaign Manager e-mailed questions to Kuttner’s campaign. Anthony Hughes, the campaign manager, replied today.

Why is firearms policy important to Amita?
Current firearms legislation is not written in a way that will last, meaning it’s not evidence based, not sensible and not something that Canadians will agree to long-term.

Does Amita use/own guns and/or have a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence?
Amita does not personally own any guns and does not hold a firearm possession and acquisition license.

Amita lives in a rural area and the majority of the people they know do own firearms.

What is Amita’s position on the Liberals’ May 1 mass confiscations?
Amita opposes the ill-informed and unnecessary gun bans ushered in recently by the Liberal government.

It’s the latest example of firearm policy not rooted in evidence, but arbitrary government mandates against otherwise peaceful and law-abiding firearm owners.

Kuttner’s Gun-Policy Proposals


Firearms Legislation

  • Restructure the current firearms classification system by merging non-restricted and restricted firearms into a single, simplified class of legal firearms, with evidence-based rules developed with firearm owners and public safety experts
  • Ensure that licensing and mandatory training requirements are adjusted to correspond with the new classification system 
  • Work with firearm owners and public safety experts to develop and maintain an evidence-based class of prohibited firearms
  • Ensure that the illegal possession or smuggling of firearms within organized criminal groups results in lifetime bans on the possession of firearms
  • Ensure that people do not receive lifetime bans for non-compliance due to technical gaps in firearms regulations
  • Recognize subsistence hunting, sports shooting, predator defence and home defence as reasonable legal grounds for firearm possession, with strict guidelines on home defence that limit the use of lethal force to the interior of private dwellings 
  • Given the RCMP’s daily monitoring of people who hold firearm licenses, oppose attempts by the federal government to implement any mandatory registration system for civilian firearms
  • Re-draft Sections 101 to 105 of the Firearms Act to reaffirm the privacy rights of firearm owners


We learned of Kuttner’s policies via @Yukon_Strong on Twitter.