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Why the Conservative Leadership Race Matters to Gun Owners

Note: I am personally supporting a candidate. See Personal Disclosure below.


  • The Conservative Party of Canada is the only major federal party standing in the way of mass confiscations targeting safe and responsible gun owners.
  • Today they are with us sometimes, but they haven’t always been on our side.
  • Every other major party actively (and sometimes aggressively) campaigns for mass prohibitions, confiscations or restrictions against safe and responsible firearm users.
  • Love ’em or hate ’em, today the Conservatives are our best (only) hope.
  • The Conservative leader is important to us, as a potential ally of gun owners and sound policy, and as our potential prime minister.

House of Commons — MPs as of 13 Feb. 2020

  • 121 Friendly
    • 121: Conservative Party
  • Unknown
    • 1: Independent (Former Liberal, Jody Wilson-Raybould)
  • 216 Hostile
    • 157: Liberal Party
    • 32: Bloc Québécois
    • 24: New Democratic Party
    • 3: Green Party

Which Candidate Is Best for Gun Owners

  • Too early to tell.
  • The three approved applicants so far have all made encouraging comments about respect for firearm users, and been critical of the governing Liberal Party’s plans to order mass confiscation.
  • TheGunBlog.ca will evaluate the top candidates based on their firearm policies.
  • A lot of other important things matter besides firearm policy.
  • Official candidates listed here: https://cpc-leadership2020.ca/candidates/
  • Approved Applicants as of 13 Feb. 2020
    • Leslyn Lewis
    • Peter MacKay
    • Erin O’Toole

Can They Win Against Trudeau

  • It isn’t enough to win the Conservative leadership.
  • We also need to consider if they can win the next Canadian general election, probably against Justin Trudeau.

What You Should Do

  • Join or renew your Conservative Party membership.
  • Support candidate(s) you like, sign up for their e-mail list.
  • Vote in the leadership election.
  • Election: 27 June

What Happened Last Time

Personal Disclosure

  • I am personally (not as TheGunBlog.ca) supporting a candidate.
  • I am a member of the Conservative Party.
  • TheGunBlog.ca may reflect my personal views.