CACP Police Chiefs Lobby Opposes Gun Bans: The Canadian Press — The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, which lobbies the government to restrict hunters and sport shooters, doesn’t support new gun bans against them, The Canadian Press reported today, citing the CACP president.

Adam Palmer, also the Vancouver police chief, is among at least six active and retired police leaders who oppose the mass confiscations or evictions sought by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Toronto Mayor John Tory.

Palmer said Canada’s laws are already strong and no other law is needed, The Canadian Press said in an article published on the website of CTV News.

The country has strict punishments for people who use firearms and ammunition for violence.

No New Bans

“In every single case there are already offences for that,” Palmer was quoted as telling The Canadian Press. “They’re already breaking the law and the criminal law in Canada addresses all of those circumstances.”

“The firearms laws in Canada are actually very good right now, Palmer was quoted as saying today at the end of the CACP’s annual conference in Calgary. “They’re very strict.”

Obedience or Jail

All guns are banned already for everyone unless they have a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) authorized by the federal police.

How to Buy a Handgun in Canada: Regulatory and Procedural Steps

Anyone caught buying, selling or having any gun without a permit faces jail. Even a licence holder whose permit expired or who takes a detour going to the target range can go to prison.

CTV News reported a year ago that Palmer opposed new bans.

More Canadian Than Hockey

Hunting and sport shooting are at the heart of Canadian culture and heritage. About 2.2 million men and women have a gun-ownership permit, more than play golf or hockey.

Millions more family, friends and colleagues also hunt and shoot safely and responsibly under the control of licence holders.

Canadian Gun Licences and Handgun Owners Rise to New Records

Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders didn’t mention the word “ban” today during his latest media briefing on the gang shootings that have surged since Trudeau and Tory took office.

Toronto Police Chief Joins Leaders Against Trudeau-Tory Gun Bans

Liberal Gun Bans

Trudeau said yesterday he plans new measures against gun owners if he wins the October election.

Bill Blair, Trudeau’s minister for confiscation and a past president of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, in June pledged the biggest single gun seizures in Canadian history. It would force families to flee the country, surrender their firearms or risk jail.

Also in June, the Liberals passed Bill C-71 as a new law of restrictions and prohibitions against licensed firearm users and stores. Nothing in Bill C-71 targets violent individuals or gangs.

Gang Shooting Homicide Rate Doubles Since Liberals Took Office

Palmer’s opposition to new bans is notable for a lobby group that under Blair was listed as a member of the Coalition for Gun Control, which promotes prohibition.

The CACP supported Bill C-71.

Bans for Votes

Opinion polls show Liberal voters are the most hostile to firearm owners. Government advisors have said new restrictions would help Trudeau win the election.

Last week Tory renewed his campaign to eliminate licensed handgun users from Canada. He won a second term as mayor last year after inviting them to leave Toronto. He didn’t ask violent individuals or gangs to leave.

Police Leaders Against Gun Bans (Partial List)

  1. Adam Palmer, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police President; Vancouver Police Chief
  2. Brenda Lucki, RCMP Commissioner
  3. Mark Saunders, Toronto Police Chief
  4. Chris Lewis, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner (Retired)
  5. Danny Smyth, Winnipeg Police Chief
  6. Mark McCormack, Toronto Police Association President


  1. Max Waddell, Winnipeg Police, Organized Crime Unit
  2. Mike Earl, Toronto Police, Holdup Squad (Retired)