How to Buy a Handgun in Canada: Regulatory and Procedural Steps

25 July 2018

5 min read — Shooting is one of the most-popular and safest sporting activities in Canada.

It’s a lot more popular and safe than playing hockey, football, skiing, and many other sports.

Everyone is banned from buying, selling or having any firearm without a licence authorized by the RCMP.

This article outlines the procedural and regulatory steps to get a licence and buy a handgun.

In Short

  1. Take firearm-safety courses and pass tests. (3 days)
  2. Apply for licence and wait for approvals. (2-3 months)
  3. Buy handgun and wait for approvals. (A few days to a few weeks)

Before the Criminalization Order in Council of 01 May 2020: Same steps to get an AR-15 target rifle.

Newest Update of this Page: 02 May 2021

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