Toronto Mayor Asks Sport Shooters to Leave Town, He Tells Radio — Toronto Mayor John Tory asked the city’s 100,000 federally licensed gun owners to leave town, he said today on NewsTalk 1010 radio. He didn’t ask the murderers and gangs responsible for a wave of shootings to leave or to stop.

The mayor, campaigning for re-election in October, has asked the federal government to ban and confiscate handguns and semi-automatic firearms from all lawful, licensed, legitimate hunters and sport shooters in Canada. The government has said it’s “open to all possible options.”

Target shooting is one of the country’s safest and most-popular sporting activities. More than 2 million men and women have firearm Possession and Acquisition Licences authorized by the federal police, and many of them are members of shooting clubs.

“I repeat the question that you posed: Why does anybody need to have a gun in the city of Toronto?,” Tory told the Moore in the Morning show today, according to a recording shared by JohnToryWatch on Twitter. “And if it’s someone who’s involved in a gun club, perhaps they could do that somewhere else, because I’m just trying to make sure we do everything we can to save lives and to save the trauma that I’ve seen in the community when these kinds of shootings take place.”

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