Ontario Police Ex-Chief Negates ‘Domestically Sourced’ Storyline

1 Feb 2019

TheGunBlog.ca — The former chief of Canada’s No. 1 provincial police force negated a central narrative line of attack by the federal government, the mayor of the country’s largest city and others in their campaign against him and other hunters, farmers and sport shooters. “The majority of our crime guns are smuggled in from the…

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Chiefs of Police Gun-Panel Chair Seeks New Laws, CBC Reports

17 Jan 2019

TheGunBlog.ca — The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police will lobby the government to pass new laws as it accuses licensed gun owners of supplying weapons to criminals, CBC News reported today, citing the chair of a committee on firearms. Highlights CACP names Regina Police Chief Evan Bray to chair Special Purpose Committee on Firearms.…

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Vancouver Police Says AR-15s Deter Terrorists: Georgia Straight

5 Dec 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — A Vancouver police memo said officers armed with long rifles such as AR-15s can deter terrorists or stop them after they have begun to attack, the Georgia Straight website said, quoting the police report. The document by Ken Athans, acting Inspector with the Emergency and Operational Planning Section of the Vancouver Police Department,…

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Police Kill Man in Gun Confiscation in Maryland: Baltimore Sun

24 Nov 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Police in Maryland killed an armed man during a scuffle after he refused to surrender his guns in a court-ordered confiscation, the Baltimore Sun reported Nov. 5, citing police and family. Two officers in Anne Arundel county south of Baltimore went to seize the 60-year-old man’s firearms around 5 a.m., the newspaper reported.…

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Ontario Police Ex-Chief Opposes Trudeau, Tory, Saunders on Guns

11 Nov 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the mayor of the country’s largest city face an unlikely opponent in their campaign against hunters and sport shooters: the former chief of Canada’s second-biggest police force. Chris Lewis, the retired commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, has repeatedly opposed the push by Trudeau and Toronto Mayor…

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Saskatchewan Conservation Officers to Get AR-15s for Protection

8 Nov 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Saskatchewan is buying AR-15 rifles with Vortex scopes or Aimpoint red-dot sights this month to protect conservation officers who feel outgunned with their pistols and shotguns. Although much weaker than shotgun slugs or buckshot at close range, the officers will get the extra firepower to keep them safe against human attackers, Kevin Murphy,…

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Police Lobby Group to Create Special Committee on Firearms

5 Oct 2018

(Update Oct. 6 at 12:25 Toronto time: Rewrites throughout, adds history of CACP promoting restrictions on gun owners.) TheGunBlog.ca — The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, a lobby group and supporter of the Coalition for Gun Control, will update its position on firearms as the government prepares new bans aimed at licensed hunters and sport…

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Arm Police On and Off Duty, Says French Parliamentary Commission

12 Sep 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — All police should be allowed to carry guns on and off duty to boost personal and national security, according to a French parliamentary report yesterday. One of the authors is the former head of the national police SWAT team who was present at the Bataclan raid in Paris in November 2015.

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Officials Wrongly Count Crime Guns as Domestic, Toronto Sun Says

5 Apr 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadian officials count guns seized from criminals as coming from within the country even when their origin is unknown, the Toronto Sun said, without saying where it got the information.

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SWAT Team Use in Canada Is Up 2,100% Since 1980, Researchers Say

27 Jan 2018

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadian police have increased the use of SWAT teams by almost 2,100 percent since 1980 as the highly armed and trained units respond to routine calls, researchers said at The Conversation. They urged authorities to scale back deployments.

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Canada’s Police Guns 2018: Blue Line Magazine Survey

17 Dec 2017

TheGunBlog.ca — Glock GmbH dominates the market for Canadian police handguns and is attracting agencies faster than any other company, a survey by Blue Line magazine showed. Colt Canada Corp. supplies police with the most AR-15 rifles, and the most-popular police shotgun is the Remington 870.

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RCMP Failed to Provide Guns, Training: Full Text of Court Ruling

4 Oct 2017

TheGunBlog.ca — The following is the full text of a Sept. 29 court ruling that found the RCMP guilty of failing to provide AR-15 rifles and training to its officers, three of whom were shot to death in June 2014 in Moncton, New Brunswick. CBC, which provided live updates of the trial, reported last week on…

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RCMP’s Top Gun Suppliers 2016: Colt Canada, M.D. Charlton, S&W

17 Aug 2017

Colt Canada Corp. was the RCMP’s biggest supplier of guns last year, as Canada’s national police equipped officers with AR-15 rifles. M.D. Charlton Co., which sells SIG Sauer, Mossberg and Winchester among its brands, came second, followed by Smith & Wesson Corp. in third place.

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Ontario Police Pick Glock 17M as Pistol to Start Service in 2018

16 Jun 2017

The Ontario Provincial Police, Canada’s second-biggest police agency, picked the Glock 17M pistol in 9 mm to replace the SIG Sauer P229, becoming the country’s first major department to adopt the new handgun of the FBI.

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Glock to Supply Ontario Police With Pistol to Replace SIG P229

13 Jun 2017

Glock GmbH, which makes pistols used by 80 percent of police departments in Canada, won a contract to supply a new handgun to the Ontario Provincial Police, replacing the SIG Sauer P229 after almost a quarter century of use.

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Verbatim: RCMP Said It Deleted Quebec Long-Gun Registry Records

12 Jun 2017

Following are comments by the RCMP in 2015 and 2016 related to deleting registration records of Quebec residents from the so-called “Long-gun Registry.”

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RCMP Kept Half of Long-Gun Registry Data, 2015 Transcript Shows

10 Jun 2017

The RCMP kept almost half the data from Canada’s so-called “Long-gun Registry” that was stopped by law in 2012, a two-year-old official transcript shows. The law ordered all registration records destroyed.

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More Than 90,000 Canadians Are Allowed to Carry Guns Every Day

30 Apr 2017

(Update 06 May 2018: Updated chart and notes. 20 May 2017: Added new info under Additions.) More than 90,000 Canadians are authorized to carry loaded guns on their person in daily life, mainly for self-defence against human attackers. More than 90 percent are civilian police and law enforcement, or military. If they were all on duty at…

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Police to Arrest Martial Artists for Combat Sport. Who’s Next?

28 Feb 2017

The organizers of a Brazilian jiu-jitsu championship in Quebec said they cancelled the martial-arts event after police threatened to arrest participants for practicing an illegal combat sport.

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SHOT Show 2017: Military/Police Range Day Report

16 Jan 2017

Today’s SHOT Show range day for military and police was a blast.

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