Police Officer Against Gun Confiscations Outlines Home Searches

TheGunBlog.ca — A Twitter user describing themselves as a police officer in Ontario outlined how home searches work, as they seek to stop Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s plans for mass gun confiscations against honest families.

The person, a “Former Soldier, Present Police Officer,” said in a tweet they work for a “major metropolitan Police Service.”

The following messages were published as a linked thread on Twitter last night by FreePeople under the username @CitzenNonymous.

The identity of the author and the accuracy of the posts haven’t been verified by TheGunBlog.ca.

(ETF refers to Emergency Task Force, a Toronto SWAT unit.)

Twitter Thread by FreePeople

Screenshot of FreePeople’s Twitter description. Source: Twitter.com

(1) Clarification on Police Searches: When Police want to enter a premises, they will write an Information To Obtain (ITO) a warrant. When a warrant is granted, Police will use ETF unit (or similar) to conduct entry, with uniformed members & plain clothes members on standby.

(2) The residence will be cleared of potential threats, all occupants will likely be arrested & handed off to Officers waiting outside of the house. When the ETF unit (or similar) exit the premises, a thorough search will be conducted. Items listed in the warrant will be seized.

(3) Police will seize more than what is listed in the warrant. They will seize anything & everything relating to what is listed in the warrant. Optics, cases, ammunition, spare parts, etcetera. If Police can’t locate firearms that ought to be there, more charges will follow.

(4) Many citizens seem to believe that if they “hide” their firearms, using a myriad of different methods, that they will escape “confiscation”. Not true. Citizens who hide their arms will face prolonged investigations, bail refusal & possibly prolonged incarceration.

(5) I am posting this to illustrate the reality of the proposed “confiscation”. This is our one chance to stop #CanadianTyranny. We all must refuse to comply & KEEP OUR ARMS. Mass civil disobedience will show them our freedom is not for sale & “confiscation” will be impossible.

Additional Tweets

FreePeople also replied yesterday (including here, here and here) to various people in a Twitter conversation started by a prohibitionist group supported by Trudeau:

I am telling gun owners: You have no idea how much preparation, planning, time & paperwork is required, for Police to enter a house & “take” property from a citizen. The amount of time, alone(forget cost/other factors), would not be possible. KEEP YOUR ARMS, stop #CanadianTyranny

There are many ex-soldiers in the population who have trained extensively to disregard danger, even life threatening danger, to accomplish their mission & fight for Canada’s freedom. They will not be complicit in the adoption of #CanadianTyranny. There will be fierce resistance.

I’m not advocating violence, nor will I accept tyranny. Ultimately, the choice is binary, it’s that simple. People will either fight this government’s attempt at “confiscation”, or they will accept whatever the alternative is.


  • Trudeau and his governing Liberal Party threatened one of the biggest confiscations against honest citizens of any democracy in history.
  • Hundreds of thousands of hunters, farmers, sport shooters, firearm collectors and other legitimate gun users are concerned about his plans to order forced seizures and looking for how to stop them.
  • Trudeau is targeting safe and responsible men and women among the country’s 2.2 million adults with a federal firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).
  • A growing movement of provincial premiers, police leaders, front-line officers and concerned individuals is working to stop the unjustified federal-government action against lawful citizens.
  • Many police own personal firearms in addition to their duty gear.
  • The complexity and cost of the threatened bans, plus the spreading opposition to them, suggest the measures will fail.