Handgun Ban Would Be ‘Absolute Monster’ to Run: Regina Police Chief

TheGunBlog.ca — Criminalizing safe and responsible handgun owners would be an “absolute monster piece of work” to manage, Regina’s police chief said last week, as the Canadian government cracks down on honest citizens.


Regina Police Chief Evan Bray was responding to City Councillor Andrew Stevens at a meeting of the Board of Police Commissioners on February 23.

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray Responds

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray. Source: @evanjbray on Twitter

Bray: … In our opinion, a handgun ban is likely not going to result in a huge reduction of crime in our community.

Predominantly, firearm-related crime in our community is not committed by actual handguns, it’s long-barreled rifles, shotguns. Sometimes they’re converted, chopped off, sawed-down, whatever you want to say.

Even replica guns pose a bigger challenge in our community than, I would say, handguns. Not to say they don’t pose a problem, but they’re not quite as prevalent.

And as you know, a ban is only as good as the people that are willing to follow it.

I made a comment to the mayor on the phone the other day that we have a ban against murder in Regina, and yet we have on average 10 of those committed a year. The reality is: people don’t always follow the rules.

And so a handgun ban in our opinion is — administratively — it is going to be an absolute monster piece of work to try and work through in a city our size. And I just don’t know that it’s going to yield the results that we need.

Regina Police Chief Evan Bray, Board of Police Commissioners Meeting, 23 February 2021

Why It Matters

  • Resistance is growing against the federal government’s regulatory attacks targeting the millions of individuals and families who use firearms safely and responsibly.
  • Towns that prohibit handgun owners will force families to leave, surrender their equipment, or risk jail.
  • Police have an ethical duty to protect good people from bad politicians working to criminalize us.


  • All new prohibitions and confiscations target safe and responsible firearm users.
  • Politicians from the Liberal Party of Canada made it a crime for anyone to have any gun without police permission starting in 2001.
  • The Liberals proposed Bill C-21 last month as a new law for cities and towns to criminalize the country’s 300,000 licensed handgun owners, part of their ongoing campaign to suppress firearm users.
  • Saskatchewan is among provinces hiring officials and passing laws to defend its residents and block the attacks.
  • Many police own personal guns in addition to their duty gear. They don’t want to go after their families, friends and colleagues.
  • Bray is also the co-chair of a special firearm committee for the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, a lobby group that often campaigns against gun owners including police.