RCMP Trial This Week Focused on This Report Recommending AR-15

5 May 2017

Here is a 2010 report that recommended the RCMP adopt the AR-15 rifle. The study and its author were in focus this week at a trial to decide if Canada’s federal police are guilty of having failed to provide appropriate equipment and training to officers responding to attackers. The case is relevant to all of us.

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Government Rejects Petition to Reclassify AR-15 ‘Non-Restricted’

17 Aug 2016

The Canadian government rejected a petition to simplify buying and using AR-15 rifles, saying it’s the RCMP’s job to decide such changes. The government doesn’t plan to reclassify the firearm as “non-restricted” from its current label of “restricted,” Ralph Goodale, the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, said today in a written response to a…

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