Bill Blair Expects Rifle Prohibition Order ‘In the Near Term’

(Update at 18:30 Toronto time: Adds Trudeau comment today.) — Canada’s minister for mass gun confiscation said he expects a prohibition order against federally licensed firearm users and stores “in the near term,” and is working to further restrict home gun ownership.

Blair Media Briefing

Bill Blair, whose official title is Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, made the comments to reporters yesterday in Winnipeg, where the governing Liberal Party cabinet is holding a planning meeting.

CPAC TV shared a video of his 14-minute briefing on YouTube.

The government decree canceling permission of police-approved individuals and stores to buy, sell and possibly transport about 250,000 of their hunting and sporting rifles is a first step before ordering the forced surrender of the firearms.

The Liberals use the made-up term of “military-style assault rifles” to describe the models they want to seize and destroy.

Blair Excerpts

With video time stamp

Prohibition Order ‘in the Near Term’

12:00: There are a number of components. First of all, the prohibition of the assault-style rifles is, I think, an important step that perhaps could be accomplished in the near term. The arrangements on any potential buyback and program that might be put in place will take a little bit more time.

New Restrictions on Home Gun Ownership

4:45: We also know many of the guns that are showing up on the streets of our cities are stolen. So a very significant and important measure is additional restrictions on how and where guns can be stored. We want to make sure that they’re all stored in a secure way, in a safe or a vault, in order to prevent that theft.

Source: CPAC video of Blair speaking to media, 20 Jan. 2020

Confiscate or Incarcerate

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked Blair to execute one of the biggest confiscations against honest citizens of any democracy in history. They are starting with rifle owners.

Trudeau: ‘Immediate Steps’

“There are immediate steps we will take in the coming weeks on that, led by Minister Bill Blair,” Trudeau told media today in Winnipeg, according to a CPAC video.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women risk jail unless they submit to the rifle roundup, with a payoff for confiscation victims.

Trudeau also plans laws to end private handgun ownership.

Governance Failure

The complexity and cost of bans, plus rising opposition to them from provincial premiers, police leaders and gun owners, suggest Trudeau will fail.

All of the new prohibitions target adults with a firearm licence authorized by the federal police.

Sign the Petition

A petition against the confiscation order is the No. 2 most-signed e-petition in Canadian history.

After you sign the petition, check your e-mail inbox and spam box to validate your signature.

Key Steps for Rifle Confiscation

  1. Order firearm prohibition (via Order In Council): Make it a crime to buy, sell, transfer, transport, import, export, … 250,000 privately owned rifles. Turn them into “safe queens.”
  2. Order firearm surrender (via Order In Council): Make it a crime to possess, with two-year amnesty on criminal charges. Amnesty gives Liberals time for steps 3 and 4.
  3. Request parliamentary budget approval to pay confiscation victims.
  4. Pass new law to pay confiscation victims.
  5. Seize and destroy firearms.
  6. Prosecute and possibly incarcerate abstainers.

Total Cost: Estimated at billions of dollars to prepare, administer, execute and enforce. See Fraser Institute (today): Trudeau Government’s Gun ‘Buy Back’ Program Likely a Multi-Billion Boondoggle

Source: The Liberals have refused to give detailed plans or budgets.