New Brunswick to Equip ‘Peace Officers’ With AR-15 Rifles — The New Brunswick government will equip provincial “peace officers” with AR-15 rifles, one of the world’s most-popular firearms for stopping attacking humans and wildlife.

The province’s Department of Justice and Public Safety, which outlined its armament plan last week, didn’t specify the make, model or type of rifle.

AR-15 Is Standard Police Rifle

Almost every police car in Canada has an AR-15.

  • Many police departments, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, use the model C8 made by the Colt Canada subsidiary of Czech-based CZ Group SE.

“We can say the carbines are consistent with those used by municipal police forces and the RCMP,” Geoffrey Downey, a spokesperson for the New Brunswick Department of Justice and Public Safety, told today in response to our questions. “We can’t confirm the make or model for operational safety reasons.”

Popular Design Worldwide

The AR-15 is used worldwide by everyone from sport shooters, hunters, home defenders, farmers and ranchers to the military, police and wildlife-conservation officers.

They favour the design as a general-purpose rifle for its good accuracy, light weight and soft recoil.

Liberals Attack AR-15 Users

Canada’s governing Liberal Party criminalized all government-licensed firearm users who own AR-15s for personal use and ordered them to surrender their gear to police. The Liberals have no idea how to execute their confiscation fantasy.