Price List: Liberals Offer $1,337 to AR-15 Owners in Mass Gun Confiscations

Screenshot of Government of Canada price list. Source: — Canada’s governing Liberal Party offered to pay a measly $1,337 per AR-15 to government-licensed owners who surrender our rifles under the mass gun confiscations begun in May 2020, according to today’s proposed price list.

Price List and Survey

The Liberals published their suggested compensation for confiscation victims today in parallel with a survey about their unworkable fantasy plan. The survey deadline is August 28. (Why would anyone help them confiscate our goods?)

The government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, assisted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is specifically targeting its attacks against hundreds of thousands of government-licensed rifle and shotgun owners, including about 70,000 AR-15 owners.

Government Comments

The goal of this consultation is to receive input from firearms owners, businesses and industry on the proposed compensation amounts.

A separate and distinct compensation model for businesses that participate in the buyback program is in development. Specific consultations will also occur this summer.

The compensation models and other program details will be finalized in the coming months, and all known firearm owners will be contacted about how they can participate in the buyback program.

Source: Department of Public Safety, Press Release, 28 July 2022

Note: The Liberals and their agents refer to the unethical confiscations as “buyback.”

Priced to Fail

Many gun owners targeted by the Liberals have zero intention of surrendering their goods at any price.

For anyone thinking of submitting, the proposed payments are a new incentive to opt out. (It’s as if the Liberals want their crackdown to fail.)

  • The proposed compensation is far below the purchase price for many of the rifles.
  • It doesn’t come close to covering expenses for parts and accessories that become worthless without the firearms. (e.g., ammunition, ammo magazines, optics, sights, scopes, slings, stocks, cases, tools, rails, cleaning supplies, etc.)
  • It doesn’t factor in the emotional costs of being threatened with criminal charges, police raids or jail unless we surrender some of our most-cherished personal and family possessions.

‘Firearms Buyback Secretariat’ Gets ADM

  • The Liberals recently appointed an Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) to lead their so-called “Firearms Buyback Secretariat.” The government declined to tell the person’s name.
  • Assigning a senior manager suggests the Liberals are ramping up their attack against the government-licensed firearm users targeted in their May 2020 crackdown.
  • The secretariat has a staff of 10, the Department of Public Safety told this week.

What’s Next

  • The planned gun confiscations will almost certainly fail.
  • Almost nobody has surrendered their gear. Massive opposition from owners, police, provinces and others suggests almost nobody will. Several court challenges are pending in federal and provincial courts.
  • The Liberals have no idea how to execute (or pay for) the confiscations that they had hoped to complete by April 2022.