Liberals Want Bill C-21 in Law ‘Before Christmas,’ Senate Staffer Says; Senator Dean Comments on Timeline — The Liberals want to pass Bill C-21 into law “before Christmas,” a Senate staffer told

Senator Tony Dean, the chair of the Senate committee studying the bill, declined to comment on a specific deadline.

Liberals Using Bill C-21 to Build ‘False Narrative’ for ‘Cynical Ploy,’ Professor Tells Senate — Canada’s governing Liberals proposed Bill C-21 to construct a “false narrative” as a “cynical ploy” to win re-election, Christian Leuprecht, a professor of political science, told the Senate committee reviewing the draft law.

Alberta CFO Bryant Urges Canada’s Senate to Abandon or Fix ‘Deeply Flawed’ Bill C-21 — Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant urged Canada’s Senate to abandon or amend the federal Liberal Party’s “misguided” and “deeply flawed” Bill C-21, its newest legislative attack against government-licensed gun users.

CSAAA’s Wes Winkel Discusses Bill C-21 Mass Gun Confiscations (Video) — Watch our video conversation with Wes Winkel, the president of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association (CSAAA), the country’s main group for the firearm industry.

We discuss the mass gun confiscations in Bill C-21 and their impact on Canada’s firearm industry.


RCMP Comments on New Bill C-71 ‘Non-Restricted’ Gun Transfer Processing, Penalties — The RCMP responds below to our questions on transferring so-called “Non-Restricted” rifles and shotguns since May 18, when new criminalizations from Bill C-71 (2019) targeting government-licensed gun owners took effect.