Yukon Party Urges New Law to Protect Gun Users From Federal Liberal Attacks

TheGunBlog.ca — The Yukon Party today urged the territory’s governing Liberal Party to pass new laws to protect gun users from the federal Liberal Party’s attacks.


  • Protect the rights of responsible gun users
  • Block unjust federal restrictions, prohibitions and confiscations
  • Yukon to appoint its own Chief Firearms Officer
  • Model law after provincial firearms acts in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Why It Matters

Yukon Party Statement

The Yukon Party Caucus said today in a statement:

The Yukon Party Official Opposition is calling on the Yukon Liberal government to take action to protect the rights of hunters and other firearms owners by developing a Yukon Firearms Act. In concert with the act’s development, the Yukon Party is also calling for the establishment of a territorially appointed Chief Firearms Officer position for the Yukon.

These actions are necessary in response to the federal Liberal government’s passing of Bill C-21, and Prime Minister Trudeau’s intention to confiscate lawfully acquired firearms from innocent Yukoners through the so-called gun ‘buy-back’ program.

—Yukon Party Caucus, Press Release, 12 February 2024