Alberta CFO Bryant Urges Canada’s Senate to Abandon or Fix ‘Deeply Flawed’ Bill C-21

Video Source: Canada Senate — Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant urged Canada’s Senate to abandon or amend the federal Liberal Party’s “deeply flawed” Bill C-21, its newest legislative attack against government-licensed gun users.

‘Bill C-21 Is Misguided’

“Bill C-21 is misguided,” Bryant said yesterday to the Senate committee reviewing the draft law.

“All Canadians should oppose this bill in its current form, whether they own or even like firearms.”

Bill C-21 Is Bad

Bill C-21, as written:

  • Violates Justice: Confiscates precious personal and family belongings and destroys household wealth.
  • Weakens Public Safety: Prevents people from getting life-saving tools and training.
  • Undermines Confidence in Canada’s Gun Regulations: Invents arbitrary policies designed to criminalize and confiscate honest citizens, instead of promoting safety and security.

‘Deeply Flawed Legislation‘

Bryant said in conclusion:

For all these reasons and many more, I hope that the Honourable Senators will initiate a thorough review of this deeply flawed legislation and abandon it or at least amend it significantly to strengthen public safety, allow legitimate shooting sports to continue, and depoliticize this issue so we can all return to the hard daily work of ensuring maximum public safety.

—Teri Bryant, Senate SECD Committee, 23 October 2023

Bryant’s Opening Statement (PDF)