Watch: The Two OICs of 01 May 2020 and Why They’re Wrong (Video) — Watch our video overview of the Canadian government’s two criminalization and confiscation “orders in council” of 01 May 2020, and why the crackdown is wrong and unjust.

The video is a valuable recap of the two OICs targeting government-licensed gun owners as we await the Federal Court’s ruling on whether it considers the attacks constitutional and legal, or not.

Many gun owners don’t know there were two OICs and don’t know much about them, even though Liberal Party Leader Justin Trudeau unleashed his crackdown more than two years ago.

The Two Orders in Council (OICs) of 01 May 2020

Source: Canada Gazette, May 2020

  1. SOR/2020-96: The “Ban List”
  2. SOR/2020-97: The Limited, Partial and Temporary ”Amnesty”

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