Alberta CFO Bryant Urges Canada’s Senate to Abandon or Fix ‘Deeply Flawed’ Bill C-21 — Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant urged Canada’s Senate to abandon or amend the federal Liberal Party’s “misguided” and “deeply flawed” Bill C-21, its newest legislative attack against government-licensed gun users.

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 April 19

– Blair’s Office Says Estimating Gun-Confiscation Costs ‘Underway’
– Alberta Is in ‘Final Stages’ of Naming New CFO After Law to Block Handgun Bans
– Liberal Budget 2021 Doesn’t Mention Cost of Mass Gun Confiscations
– Conservative MP Blaine Calkins Asks Blair for Cost of Gun Confiscations

Greg Dunn Q&A After Winning Stark Court Case on ‘Nullification’ — Greg Dunn of Dunn & Associates comments below after winning the first court case for gun owners against the May 1 regulatory attacks by Canada’s governing Liberal Party and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Dunn, based in Calgary, was the lawyer for Ryan Stark in his request to access a Section 74 hearing…

Alberta’s Kenney Wants New Chief Firearms Officer to Stop Liberals — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney yesterday reiterated his plan to hire the province’s own Chief Firearms Officer to fight the federal Liberal Party’s attacks against hunters, farmers, ranchers and sport shooters. Kenney, one of Canada’s strongest defenders of gun owners’ rights, was outlining the priorities of Kaycee Madu as Alberta’s new Minister of Justice…

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2020 August 03

Updated daily throughout the week.

Highlights This Week
– CCFR Organizes Ottawa Rally to Fight Liberal Party Attacks
– Firearm Imports Slump 23% in Second Quarter 2020
– Alberta Updates Wildlife Regulation to Boost Hunting, Conservation
– Self-Defence Shooting: Supreme Court to Hear Appeal of Peter Khill
– Black Creek Labs Plans First Canada-Made Pistol in Over a Decade
– Ontario Superior Court Judge David Harris Shows His Gun Hate

Cold Lake, Alberta, Asks Towns to Fight Gun-Confiscation Order — The town of Cold Lake in Alberta is fighting the Liberal Party of Canada’s attacks on hunters, farmers and sport shooters, and called on other municipalities to join. Why It Matters Opposition to the May 1 Liberal firearm-confiscation order is growing day by day, boosting the probability it will fail. Towns and cities…

‘Alberta’s Got Your Back,’ ‘We Need Firearms:’ MLAs on Motion 20 — Opposition is rising across Canada to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown against honest citizens. The Alberta government is delivering some of the strongest words and actions against Trudeau’s May 1 order for mass confiscations targeting federally licensed gun owners and businesses. Following are excerpts from an hours-long debate yesterday on Alberta Government Motion…