‘Ottawa Appears To Be Lost’ on Mass Gun Confiscations, Alberta Justice Minister Says

Tyler Shandro. Source: Legislative Assembly of Alberta

TheGunBlog.ca — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s administration “appears to be lost” on how to inflict his mass gun confiscations against honest citizens, Alberta Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro said this week.

“Despite a mountain of money and years worth of lead time, Ottawa appears to be lost,” Shandro said in a January 10 statement.

  • His comments follow news this week that industry showed “very limited interest” in participating in Trudeau’s political attacks, leaving the governing Liberal Party scrambling.

‘Falling Apart at the Seams’

“It is becoming increasingly clear that @marcomendicino’s firearms confiscation plan is falling apart at the seams,” Shandro said on his personal Twitter account when sharing his statement.

  • Marco Mendicino is Trudeau’s minister overseeing the crackdown against Canada’s government-licensed gun users and businesses. His personal Twitter is @marcomendicino.)

Why It Matters

  • Evidence keeps piling up that Trudeau’s assault will fail.
    • He has no idea how to execute his crackdown begun in May 2020, and in planning since 2018.
    • He keeps missing his own deadlines.
    • He faces massive opposition from the public, provinces, police, and his own party, as well as major political, financial and logistical obstacles.
  • Alberta is the most-vocal province opposing the Liberal attacks, and is ramping up measures to protect its residents.
  • More and more people are realizing that Canada’s anti-gun laws are for politics, not safety.

Shandro’s Statement

Source: Alberta Government

Federal Confiscation Program: Minister Shandro

Minister of Justice Tyler Shandro issued the following statement on the federal firearms confiscation program:

“Last week, Minister Mendicino admitted that the federal government has still not figured out how to implement their firearms confiscation program.

“This admission comes shortly after the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police called on the federal government to not to use police services to confiscate firearms.

“Now, media reports have drawn attention to a federal government memo that outlines Minister Mendicino’s plans to confiscate firearms across Canada.

“The memo admits that efforts to find private sector companies to implement the federal firearms confiscation program failed this summer.

“With no private sector companies willing to participate, the memo outlines how the RCMP will first be deployed to Prince Edward Island (PEI), which has been deemed to be an easy ‘low-risk’ target.

“The federal government is treating PEI as a ‘pilot’ that will help them learn on the job as they implement their confiscation plan through trial and error.

“This ‘program’ is expected to cost a billion dollars or more and has supposedly been in the works for three years.

“Despite a mountain of money and years worth of lead time, Ottawa appears to be lost – especially given their latest attack on hunting rifles and shotguns – at minimum, they should proactively extend the amnesty that is currently scheduled to end in October 2023.

“Such a decision, however, would involve showing Canadian firearms owners a measure of decency, something that Minister Mendicino and this federal government is seemingly incapable of.”