Alberta CFO Urges Feds to Cancel May 2020 Attacks on Gun Owners

Alberta Chief Firearms Officer Teri Bryant. Source: — Alberta’s Chief Firearms Officer, backed by the province’s premier, called on the government of Canada to cancel its political attacks begun in May 2020 against federally licensed gun owners.


CFO Teri Bryant criticized Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mass criminalizations and arbitrary confiscations as being unfair, costly, “unrealistic, unworkable and unhelpful.”

“Even more important, however, will be the loss of confidence in our firearms control system and government in general, when a community is singled out by such unjust and undeserved actions,” Bryant said in a letter dated April 14 to Marco Mendicino, Trudeau’s new minister executing the crackdowns.

“In view of the foregoing, effective immediately I call on you to cancel the Order in Council prohibitions of May 1, 2020 outright,” Bryant said in the three-page letter.

Why It Matters

  • Bryant, appointed last year by the government of Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, is the first CFO to publicly urge Trudeau’s Liberal Party cabinet to stop its assault on honest citizens.
  • It’s rare and bold for public employees at one level of government to openly critique the policies of politicians at another level of government.
  • It’s encouraging to have employees and elected officials defend citizens from hostile politicians.

Kenney Backing

“The federal firearm ban punishes law-abiding firearms owners without reducing crime,” Kenney said on Twitter in a message sharing Bryant’s letter. “Thank-you to Alberta’s newly-appointed Chief Firearms Office for standing up for Albertans against this federal overreach.”

Bryant’s Letter to Mendicino (PDF)



Updated 17 April 2022