Defence Is Counter-Ambush Since Attack Is a Surprise: Rob Pincus

No matter how much we think about personal defence and train our minds and bodies to respond to possible violence in daily life, we’ve got to remember that any attack will come as a surprise. Rob Pincus, who trains people to protect themselves with guns, suggests we think about defence as counter-ambush.

Canada’s roughly 100,000 armed professionals hopefully train with this in mind, because armchair commandos like me forget it too often.

Someone will read about a bar brawl, a mugging or a home invasion and say, “If that happened to me, I would just … [punch the Bad Guy’s lights out, kick him in the nuts, shoot him between the eyes, use my Ninja powers, etc.] to stop the attack.” as if they saw the incident coming and would know how to respond. But that’s 20/20 hindsight.

If we’re dealing with the threat of imminent violence, or if the attack is already underway, it means we didn’t see it coming, or that we saw it coming and avoidance and/or deterrence failed. Thinking about armed or unarmed personal defence as counter-ambush reminds us that an attack will be a surprise and that we will be caught off guard.

“Ultimately, defence is counter-ambush, because if you knew it was going to happen, you’d avoid it,” Pincus said in a video by the Personal Defense Network filmed in 2015 and posted on Twitter today. “You didn’t know it was going to happen, it was surprising, and that’s why you’re having to deal with it.”

“Having a plan that makes sense is the best way to deal with it efficiently,” Pincus said.

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