Homicide Stats Show It’s Time to Ban Knives

25 Nov 2015

Stabbing was again the leading method of homicide in 2014, Statistics Canada said today, so it’s time to ban knives.

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Paris Attacks Show How Gun Laws Get People Killed

13 Nov 2015

Tonight’s attacks that resulted in more than 120 deaths around Paris show how restrictive gun laws get people killed.

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Bill C-42 Is Good, But Not Unique

27 Sep 2015

I proudly thought Canada was unique among developed countries in simplifying firearms laws when Bill C-42 took effect this month. I also assumed that the main reason for the move in Canada was that we had a centre-right Conservative government. Turns out I was wrong and wrong.

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‘Up In Arms’: Better Than We Feared

24 Sep 2015

The film “Up In Arms: How the Gun Lobby Is Changing Canada” premiered last night on TVO, and early responses by firearm enthusiasts suggest we’re relieved.

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‘Up in Arms: How the Gun Lobby Is Changing Canada,’ a New Documentary

31 Aug 2015

I’m looking forward to watching “Up in Arms: How the Gun Lobby Is Changing Canada,” a new documentary that airs Sept. 23 on TVO.

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Dear RCMP ATT Group: Thank you, and Goodbye

1 Aug 2015

The whole idea of applying to the police for an Authorization to Transport (ATT) a firearm is absurd, confusing and wasteful to me, and to every gun enthusiast I’ve spoken with. When the subject comes up at the shooting range or the dinner table, we shake our heads and roll our eyes at the misguidedness…

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ATTs Will Be Part of Gun Licenses on Sept. 2, Government Says

1 Aug 2015

The Canadian government said it will cut some of the red tape to transport firearms next month, following the passage of Bill C-42 last June.

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If Moncton and Ottawa Amateurs Created So Much Chaos, What If We’re Attacked by Professionals?

4 Jun 2015

When we see how a single ill-equipped, untrained and unorganized person can create mayhem across a city and overwhelm police for hours, it’s scary to imagine the chaos that a well-equipped, well-trained and well-organized group could cause.

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Why I’m Keeping My NFA Membership. For Now.

24 May 2015

The closest I’ve come to cancelling my membership in Canada’s National Firearms Association was today, after watching a video clip from this weekend’s annual general meeting of members.

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RCMP Officer Is Latest Victim of Bad Firearms Law

7 May 2015

An RCMP officer in Fort Saskatchewan, near Edmonton, was arrested and charged with several offences related to firearms, the CBC reported yesterday. The CBC listed the charges as the following:

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Does This Ad Prove the Antis Are Smarter?

18 Mar 2015

The video ad by States United to Prevent Gun Violence made me sigh. It’s about a store in New York City that sells the kinds of firearms used by people who accidentally or deliberately killed people. It shows potential customers entering the shop to buy a gun, and being shocked and saddened to learn that…

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Where Are Our Defenders?

22 Feb 2015

What happened to all the individuals and organisations fighting for freedom and rights, fighting for laws that protect our freedom and rights, and fighting against laws that undermine our freedom and rights?

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Why Is Quebec Helping Thieves, Rapists and Murderers?

20 Feb 2015

If Dave Young’s letter to Canada’s Minister of Public Safety is true, then Quebec is handing us over to home invaders, thieves, rapists and murderers.

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Outrage Over High River Is About More Than Guns

19 Feb 2015

All Canadians should be concerned by the RCMP’s actions during the flood in June 2013 in High River, Alberta, because it points to a breakdown in the rule of law.

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The So-So Toronto Sportsmen’s Show

6 Feb 2015

If you want to see heaps of cool guns and gear, or if you are looking for deals, then avoid the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show. There are other reasons to go.

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I Like Gun Shows, as of Today

1 Feb 2015

I visited a gun show for the first time today, and was surprised by how much I liked it. Beyond the cool guns and gear, it was good to hang out with fellow gun people at the Orangeville Gun & Militaria Show in Orangeville, Ontario. Hundreds of us, all under one roof. That’s rare within…

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NFA Isn’t a Gun Lobby

12 Jan 2015

Canada’s National Firearms Association isn’t a gun lobby. The group doesn’t advance or defend the interests, rights or freedoms of guns. Firearms are things, inanimate pieces of metal, wood and plastic, and don’t have interests, rights or freedoms.

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I Just Bought My First Gun. Now What?

5 Jan 2015

(This is the first of a series of posts about buying, owning, transporting, storing and using firearms. Think of it as: “What They Don’t Teach You in the Firearms Course.”) I just bought my first gun. Now what do I do? After three years of imagining, thinking, considering, evaluating, planning, analyzing, anticipating, reviewing, testing and…

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