The Scary Part Isn’t a Gun Ban, It’s That Our Leaders Want One — The scary thing about living in Canada today isn’t only the threat of gun confiscation, it’s that our leaders want it so badly and nobody is standing in the way.

This is our country today: the municipal councils of the two largest and most influential cities, the editors of the No. 2 newspaper, the police union of the No. 2 city and the head of the third-largest federal political party want police armed with pistols, AR-15 rifles and shotguns to go door-to-door to confiscate firearms from the most lawful segment of our society. (More links below.)

They have all demanded laws banning the private ownership of handguns and other firearms from licensed owners across Canada, enforced by the armed authority of the state, if necessary at gunpoint. And if really necessary, more than just “point.”

In addition, the mayor of the country’s biggest city has asked 100,000 of his residents who enjoy target shooting to go somewhere else.

The federal government has said it’s “open to all possible options.” Cabinet meets this week to discuss and maybe decide how to proceed.

This is terrifying.

And the only whisper of concern from the official opposition party in parliament was a press release that opened with, “We will wait to see the details of any handgun ban.”

The government is already confiscating hundreds of thousands of firearms as their owners die (under the Firearms Act of 1995), and has a bill in parliament to confiscate even more guns after their owners die (Bill C-71).

This is our Canada today.

The issue is civil liberties and how government relates to good citizens. It goes far beyond guns. But gun owners have the most at stake today.

A trickle of men and women with a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL) are contacting politicians or writing letters to the editor. A whopping 4 percent signed a symbolic petition against Bill C-71.

Almost all of us are looking the other way. “Nobody is coming to take your guns.” “Stop fear mongering.” “It’ll never happen.” “It’s just political theatre.” “It’s just the loony left.” “It’s just Two-Faced Tory.” “It’s just the crazy Quebecois.”

Our political and media leaders are targeting PAL holders, the closest thing our country has to a guaranteed crimeless social segment, for mass confiscation enforced at the muzzle of a gun.

Toronto and Montreal have formally initiated the process of asking the federal government to pass confiscation laws and send armed police after us for no legitimate reason. This isn’t a brainstorming session. Toronto city council voted on it by a landslide, and Montreal council voted on it unanimously.

And nobody is standing up to say “No.”

It might not happen today, but now we know they want it.

When will we start to take this seriously?

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Correction, 24 Aug. 02:55 Ottawa time: Corrects number of firearms being confiscated under Firearms Act and removes linked PDF with incorrect info.

The most important part of gun rights isn’t “gun,” it’s “rights.”