McGill Student Government Campaigns for Gun Bans, Bill C-71 — The McGill University student government is campaigning to criminalize Canadian handgun owners and endorse Bill C-71, a planned law to limit rights for hunters and sport shooters.

The Students’ Society of McGill University in Montreal voted 26 in favour and 2 against a motion for a petition “to implement a ban on the civilian ownership of handguns and military assault weapons,” according to a report today in the McGill Tribune and a draft document for approval at the Nov. 29 executive meeting.

Wipe Out, Eliminate

The student leaders at McGill, which didn’t place in the top-15 universities in this year’s annual ranking by Maclean’s magazine, could be the first in Canada seeking to criminalize some 300,000 safe and responsible men and women across the country.

A ban would wipe out hundreds of millions of dollars in wealth, eliminate tens of thousands of jobs and end the athletic careers of thousands of competitors. Last month Lynda Kiejko of Alberta won Team Canada’s first spot for a shooter in the next Olympics.

‘Ban on Civilian Ownership’

The students voted to “endorse Bill C-71, which calls for the implementation of a ban on civilian ownership of handguns and military assault weapons in Canada.”

The motion included a letter to send senators, who are now reviewing the draft text of the law proposed by the government in March.

Bill C-71 as written doesn’t have any clauses relating to handguns. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, a McGill graduate, is examining a “full ban” on handguns and many other firearms in addition to the rifle bans in Bill C-71.

Prohibit, Seize

Its measures include the immediate prohibition and eventually seizure of lawfully owned rifles from as many as 15,000 hunters and sport shooters, and it could facilitate future bans. It will require private sellers to report themselves and potential buyers to the federal police before any transaction, and require extra police permissions to transport handguns to a gunsmith, airport or border crossing.

Tomorrow is the 29th anniversary of a massacre at Montreal’s Ecole Polytechnique. It serves as an annual reminder of the value of having quick access to weapons and training to protect life. Canadian politicians and police have made this almost impossible.

What the Student Government Left Out

  • All guns are banned already for everyone under threat of prison unless they get a temporary waiver from the federal police. The waiver is generally a renewable five-year licence.
  • Hunting and sport shooting are among the most popular outdoor activities in Canada. More men and women have a firearm licence authorized by the police than play golf, hockey, soccer or who ski. Millions more unlicensed family and friends of all ages also practice hunting and sport shooting.
  • Statistically speaking and other things being equal, a person without a firearm licence is a much higher threat to public safety than a person with a firearm licence.

Action Steps

  • Write to the Senate committee reviewing Bill C-71. Share how firearms enrich your life and what you’d like to see changed in Bill C-71. Keep it clean, courteous and concise (2-3 sentences or paragraphs is fine). Optional bcc: [email protected]
  • Join at least one national gun-rights association or provincial hunting association.
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