Montreal Council Votes Unanimously to Take Guns from PAL Holders — Montreal City Council voted unanimously today to copy Toronto and ask the federal government to confiscate all handguns and all “assault rifles” from all federally licensed hunters and sport shooters in Canada.

“Today we speak with one voice asking the federal government to ban these weapons,” Councillor Alex Norris, who proposed the bans, told council, the Montreal Gazette reported. “There is no good reason why a law-abiding individual needs to possess these kinds of weapons.”

Norris asked the government to strengthen Bill C-71, legislation being reviewed by parliament to confiscate more firearms and add new restrictions on people with a firearm Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL).

The elected leaders of Canada’s two largest cities, home to roughly 10 percent of the country’s firearm owners and total population, have now indicated their desire for police armed with pistols, AR-15 rifles and shotguns to take away legally owned property from the 2.2 million most lawful men and women.

Toronto City Council voted by a landslide for similar measures on July 24. In addition to handguns and “assault rifles,” Toronto, led by Mayor John Tory, asked the federal government to confiscate all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns from everyone in Canada with a PAL. He didn’t ask for any confiscations from outlaws.

The government, which is meeting this week to plan the next session of parliament, has said it is “open to all possible options.”

Two weeks ago, Tory asked target shooters in Toronto to go somewhere else.

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