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“Thank you so much for your activism and tireless efforts in keeping us up to date on the latest news. I hope my small contribution can help you. I want my son to be able to shoot my two [firearm make and model] decades from now because of the efforts of people like you. … Please keep up the great work!”

— Cary C., British Columbia, 16 Nov. 2018


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“I would like to say how much I appreciate all the hard work that goes into TheGunBlog. It keeps us informed and I really appreciate the government contact information included.”

—Randy L.


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TheGunBlog.ca Inspires, Informs and Makes Change Happen.


The Bill C-71 Book: ‘A Must Read’

  • First time a book is published on a draft gun law
  • First major collaboration between TheGunBlog.ca and the Canadian Shooting Sports Association
  • We felt incredibly honoured that stores put links to The Bill C-71 Book on their homepage and industry leaders recommended it on social media.


Wolverine Supplies The Bill C-71 Book



Team Canada Shooters Value Our Coverage


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“Thanks for all your great work. I’m very happy to pay for the service you provide, it’s well worth it.” — Bryan, British Columbia. 22 Aug. 2018

“just donated. keep up the good work.” — William

“Thank you for your work to support the interests of law-abiding gun owners.” — Devin

“I am a hunter, farmer and target shooter. Enjoy your posts.” — Alton

“I’ve been following your blog for a few months and wanted to compliment you on your clear concise and informative articles. It is a welcome change from the uninformed crowd hysteria in most social media. Keep up the great work.” — Terry G.

“Many thanks to you for running your blog.” — Brian

“Merci pour ton travail. J’apprécie tous les articles que tu écris.” (“Thank you for your work. I appreciate all the articles you write.”) — Reader on CanadianGunNutz

“Thanks for running this blog. It is a needed site for gun owners.” — William, British Columbia

“Thank you for the part you are playing with the blog and keeping us up to date on the issues affecting this great sport and hobby we all share.” — Ian, Quebec

“Keep doing the wonderful job you are doing and know you have my support. — Frank

“Thank you for your work.” — Doug

“Thanks for putting out great content.” — Stephen

“I appreciate your coverage of important issues.” — Lynda Kiejko, Olympic Shooter, Alberta

“Thanks for everything you are doing to keep lawful firearms owners appraised.” — Stan

“Keep up the good work.” — Anton

“Thanks for all your hard work.” — Richard. 19 Apr 2018.

“Keep up the great work!” — Eric

“Thank you for the spectacular work you've been doing on behalf of Canadian firearm owners.” — Mohamad

“Thanks for all you do.” — Brian

“TheGunBlog.ca does a great job for law-abiding firearm owners. … I want to send in a donation” — Ron

”Great site!” — Elisa

“I would like to say how much I appreciate all the hard work that goes into TheGunBlog. It keeps us informed and I really appreciate the government contact information included.” — Randy

“Thank you so much for this blog!” — Michael

“What you are doing is unbelievably important to firearms community members and the cause at hand.” — Anthony

“You are doing a great job for all of the Canadian gun owners. Thanks so much.” — Gerry, British Columbia

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you keeping us subscribers up to date. Thanks for all you do!” — Linda

“Appreciate your passion and ongoing direction in support of the industry at large.” — George

“I am happy to endorse the Gun Blog as one of the best online sources of news and information for the Canadian firearms enthusiast. Glad I found it recently.” — James Taylor, Alberta

“Agree! A great job and service to Canadian gun owners is being done there.” — On Target Canada

“I appreciate your professional efforts on behalf of the community and industry. Thanks for the information you provide.” — James

“I appreciate your work and common sense. … Hang in there.” — Bryan

“Thank you for all the hard work you do, I live in Halifax and own several handguns and an SKS and I am worried they are going to try and confiscate guns here too.” — Steve

“I personally would like to thank you for all of the hard work that you put into this. Your blog is a great one-stop shop for information. I will be donating today.” — Stefan, Ontario

“Awesome work, brother!” — Kevin

“I like what you are doing.” — John

“Your blog is very informative and a fine public service.” — Richard, British Columbia

“Thank you for the great work you do. It is much appreciated.” — Ben

“You are doing stellar work getting the word out, I thank you, sir.” — Gerry, British Columbia

“Thank you for your hard work and for the speedy information you provide in the ever changing landscape of Canadian firearms ownership. A salute to you from a thankful gun owner.” — Dan, Ontario

“I have been receiving your emails now for a couple months and really enjoy your work. On behalf of myself and our community as a whole your work is tremendously important and very well done. I look forward to more of your great content.” — Brandon

“Thanks for your great effort and voice in all of this.” — Gerry

“Thank you so much for your extensive efforts to protect the ‘Rights’ of Canadian citizens. … Keep up the battle with your intelligent insights and I'll keep supporting you as I can. Thanks again.” — Rick, Ontario, 30 Sept. 2018 and 25 Oct. 2018.

“Thank you for the great work you are doing.” — John

“You are keeping me informed on all of the important information that few others are covering.” — Richard M. Ontario. 04 Oct 2018.

“I appreciate your work and efforts to keep legitimate shooting sports viable!” — Robert. 06 Oct. 2018.

“I've followed your blog on Twitter for the last several months and have found the information provided and support of the firearms community to be exemplary.” — Mauro. 12 Oct. 2018

“Thank to people like you for your work and efforts on this serious matter.” — Louis. 16 Oct. 2018

“I am a fan, and you have a number of others in the form of my friends.” — Roman, Ontario. 17 Oct. 2018

“I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!” — Justin, 24 Oct. 2018

“I want to thank you for work you are doing!” — Dave A., 25 Oct. 2018

“Excellent information. Thank you.” — Jeff N., 26 Oct. 2018

“Great website.” — George, 31 Oct. 2018

“Thank you for the work you are doing.” — Bill K., Ontario. 06 Nov. 2018

“I am an avid reader of TheGunBlog.ca’s articles and am in full support of the opinions and facts presented. I am also a National Firearms Association long-time member and firearms user and advocate for the shooting sports. Please keep up the excellent articles so the gun grabbers know firearms owners are serious and informed. Thank You.” — Bob. 09 Nov. 2018

“Thank you @TheGunBlog for your continued support of shooting sports!” — Allan Harding, Canadian National Pistol Champion, 15 Nov. 2018 in Toronto (14 Nov. in Washington State)

Allan Harding Testimonial 15 Nov 2018


“Thank you so much for your activism and tireless efforts in keeping us up to date on the latest news. I hope my small contribution can help you. I want my son to be able to shoot my two [firearm make and model] decades from now because of the efforts of people like you. … Please keep up the great work!” — Cary C., British Columbia, 16 Nov. 2018

“Keep up the good work with TheGunBlog!” — Arie. 26 Nov. 2018

“Keep up the great work.” — William. 29 Nov. 2018

“Thanks for all you do.” — J.G., British Columbia. 30 Nov. 2018

“Keep up your good work.” Doug S., Manitoba. 01 Dec. 2018

“I checked out your blog (obviously) and I found it truly interesting. Reminded me I always wanted to learn how to shoot a rifle.” — U.O., Ontario. 03 Dec. 2018

“I like the direction and scope of your articles and the voice you use to fight for common sense and the rights of all legal firearms enthusiasts and owners.” — James. 07 Dec. 2018

“Thanks for your great work. Please keep it up! Been a subscriber for a while, now want to contribute.” — George P., 07 Dec. 2018

“Your efforts are truly appreciated. Perhaps you could let me know how I could contribute.” — Jim Q., 08 Dec. 2018

“Appreciate all the info on your site.  Will be using it in the next day or so to write the Senators. … Thank you Nicolas for your service.” — Joan H., 12 Dec. 2018

“I luv what you are doing, keep it up!!” — Luciano D. 13 Dec. 2018


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