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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 March 08

– When Police Don’t Knock
– Section 74: Procedural Win as Alberta Judge Allows Evidence
– Canadian Military Begins Search for New C22 ‘Modular Pistol and Holster System’
– Liberals Won’t Present Budget Until at Least April
– Personal: 10th Anniversary of Japan Earthquake That Shook Up My Life

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 15

– Trudeau Files Bill C-21 as New Law to Criminalize Gun Owners
– Ontario and Alberta Oppose Bill C-21
– Trudeau Says Feds Will Help Municipalities Criminalize Handgun Owners
– Self-Defence: Supreme Court Hears Peter Khill Appeal in Fatal Shooting
– Gary Mauser: Confiscating Firearms From Lawful Owners Won’t Stop Violence
– Blair Estimates We Paid $1,300 for Our Guns He Wants to Confiscate
– Edward Burlew Files 2nd Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’
– CACP Police Lobby Wishes Bill C-21 Ordered National Handgun Confiscation

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Canada Gun News: Week of 2021 February 08

– Blair May File New Anti-Gun Law on Feb. 16, House Agenda Shows
– Edward Burlew Files First Section 74 Appeal for Group Fighting ‘Nullifications’
– Federal Court Dismisses Injunction Motions to Stop Liberal+RCMP Attacks
– Christine Generoux Comments on Federal Court Dismissal of Injunction
– CZ Agrees to Buy Colt and Colt Canada
– Self-Defence: Police Won’t Charge Officer Who Exited His Car and Shot Knife-Wielding Man to Death
– RCMP Outlines Canadian Firearms Program 2.0 to Improve Online Services


Self-Defence: Highlights From Ontario Court Acquittal in Fatal Shooting — An Ontario Superior Court found a man “not guilty” of murder this month for shooting someone who died moments later, allowing the accused’s claim of self-defence.

We look at the judge’s decision for insight into how courts analyze and interpret the legal defence of Self-Defence.

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Self-Defence Shooting: Supreme Court of Canada to Hear New Case — The Supreme Court of Canada will hear an appeal by a homeowner saying he shot and killed an intruder in self-defence, its first self-defence case since the government updated the Criminal Code in 2013.

Case: Peter Khill (Ontario)

Keep reading for key points, context, PDF by Khill’s lawyers, and links.


RCMP Draws Guns on Less Than 0.1% of Calls, Use-of-Force Data Show — Officers with the RCMP, Canada’s largest police agency, almost never have to draw their guns on duty, according to data last month on the “use of force.” The 20,000 police officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police drew and displayed, pointed or discharged their firearms in less than 0.1% of the 8.79 million…

Canada’s Booming Demand for Guns Is Amazing, And Has Drawbacks — We may not like the cause, but the boom in demand for guns from the Covid-19 crisis is doing more for Canada’s firearm industry, gun culture and “gun rights” than anything else in modern times. It also comes with drawbacks, besides the mass death, infection and economic devastation from the virus and the…

High School Gun Range Trained Students for WW2: Abbotsford News

Students at old Abbotsford school trained for the war — The Abbotsford Virtual School in Abbotsford, British Columbia, trained students to fire rifles during World War II so they could protect the community if fighting came to Canada, the Abbotsford News reported. Students at old #Abbotsford school trained for the war — Abbotsford…

How Police Review ATCs: Info Commissioner Letter to Dennis Young — The following letter published today by Dennis Young outlines how police in Canada assess applications to carry loaded handguns for personal protection. The Ottawa-based Information Commissioner sent the Nov. 5 letter to Young in response to his complaint about how the RCMP handled his requests for information related to Authorizations To Carry. (See…

Alberta Plans Law to Shield People Using Force for Home Defence — The government of Alberta is planning a law to shield residents from lawsuits when they use force legitimately to protect their lives and property at home. Government Press Release To defend the rights of law-abiding property owners, the government will introduce changes to the Occupiers’ Liability Act. These changes would eliminate the…

Alberta Acts to Protect Residents, Trudeau Aims to Disarm Them — The Alberta government is working to protect rural residents against a wave of attacks and thefts, while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is working to disarm them. Schweitzer Doug Schweitzer, the provincial minister of justice, has said he wants to clarify rules on self-defence and boost property rights so innocent people stay…

Trudeau’s Bulletproof Vest: Tactical, Moral, Political Questions — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wore a bulletproof vest in response to an unspecified threat of attack at an election-campaign rally yesterday near Toronto, according to media photos and reports citing unnamed sources. It’s important to protect innocent life. The situation and the response raise questions about tactics, morals, politics and journalism….

Kenney Calls Robber Suing Maurice ‘Harassment’: Calgary Herald — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney said it’s “legal harassment” and “an outrage” that a robber who broke into the property of Edouard Maurice is now suing the homeowner, the Calgary Herald reported today. The intruder filed a lawsuit against Maurice of Okotoks, south of Calgary, for $100,000 alleging ricochet injuries after Maurice fired two…