More Than 90,000 Canadians Are Allowed to Carry Guns Every Day

Canadians Who Carry Guns Every Day

(Update 06 May 2018: Updated chart and notes. 20 May 2017: Added new info under Additions.)

More than 90,000 Canadians are authorized to carry loaded guns on their person in daily life, mainly for self-defence against human attackers. More than 90 percent are civilian police and law enforcement, or military. If they were all on duty at the same time, it would be equivalent to about 3 people carrying guns for every 1,000 adults.

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Czech Republic to Change Law So Citizens Can Shoot Terrorists

Canadian governments have tended to disarm law-abiding people and restrict or ban firearms, leaving us defenceless or gravely disadvantaged if attacked. Other countries want to help their citizens protect themselves and each other.

The Czech Republic plans a constitutional amendment this year to allow gun-carrying civilians to shoot terrorists, RT and Radio Prague reported today, citing Interior Minister Milan Chovanec.

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Czech Anti-Terrorism Chief Defends Civilian Carry

People around the world are looking for better ways to defend themselves against violent criminals and terrorists since a man shot about 100 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando on June 12.

Below are comments about the civilian right to carry firearms by Libor Lochman, chief of the Czech Republic’s elite anti-terrorism unit, URN, from an interview published by on June 14. This excerpt was compiled from several online translating tools and its accuracy couldn’t be verified. (Version française via

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Don’t Be a Turkey Expecting Good Times Forever

turkey taleb guns canada

(Source: The Black Swan, by Nicholas Nassim Taleb, from

Today’s celebration of Thanksgiving in the U.S. reminds me of two things: I am thankful for my life, and I want to avoid being a turkey who expects the good times to last forever.

The “turkey problem” was popularized by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his 2007 book, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable.

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RCMP Trains With Guns Once a Year for Half a Day

RCMP Gun Pistol S&W 5946

RCMP Standard Issue Smith & Wesson 5946 Service Pistol. Source:

The RCMP requires its officers to train with firearms for half a day once a year beyond their basic instruction.

“They’re required to qualify every year,” Deputy Commissioner Janice Armstrong told journalists today in Moncton, New Brunswick. “They’ll spend half a day at the range qualifying every year.”

Emergency-response units practise with a variety of weapons, in addition to training in tactics, she said. Officers also have the option to shoot more often on their own or in competition, she said.

Proficiency with firearms is a small part of what is required to join the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Recruits get 64 hours of training with a 9 mm pistol and 12 gauge shotgun, out of 785 hours total for the Cadet Training Program, according to the RCMP’s website.

“We’re looking to increase the number of opportunities for practice,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong made the comments today in answer to questions while presenting a review of a shooting in Moncton in June 2014, when Justin Bourque shot three officers dead and injured two others.

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Man Charged for Shooting Home Intruder, Sun Says

A man who used a firearm to protect himself against three burglars in his New Brunswick home could face more prison time than the intruders, the Edmonton Sun said, citing a police report.

On Dec. 19 while trying to defend himself from the home invaders, at least one of whom was armed, Michael Woodard, 68, shot one of them in the leg after having been assaulted with a weapon, the Sun said on its website on Jan. 13.

He has been charged with “discharging a firearm with intent and discharging a firearm in a reckless manner,” the newspaper said.

Two of the intruders were charged, and one is to appear in court on Feb. 3, according to the police report.

The charges against Woodard could result in the longest prison sentence, the Sun said.

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